We wanted to go to Vegas again. More importantly, we wanted to go free again. Thus, we found another timeshare presentation. Last time we stayed at Hooters, this time it was a resort called The Desert Rose.

Per tradition we stopped at the outlets in Barstow. Shopping: It's the American way.

Hmmm... San Bernardino or Vegas?

It ain't gonna be the 909!

Our freee room at The Desert Rose Resort.

Where I do my David Copperfield thing. (Dig the padded headboard.)

Did I meantion this was all F-R-E-E?.

From the pool area you could see that Hooters is next door.

The MGM lion.

An end of an era: The last remnants of the Stardust.

We of course ate dinner at the Peppermill.

And made pigs of ourselves with the big-ass hot fudge sundae (with chocolate chips).

A close-up of the nearly-demolished Stardust sign.

Ay, there's the rub.

Yes, I'm a nipple man.

Big chair or little Terri?

How did they know?

She made a friend.

This is how close to the strip our hotel was.

Construction never stops in Vegas.

We'll always have Paris.

It appears my bonnie lass has found another friend.

We went to the V Theater to see...

...The Fab Four.

The weather on the drive home added to the adventure.

Terri nicely posed in the rain.