Terri's birthday is on December 22nd. She wanted to go to Vegas, I heard an advertisement on the radio for a free trip to Vegas if we sat through a timeshare presentation while we were there. You do the math.

The night before her birthday we went out for Chinese food at Panda Inn and came back for cake. Yes, from the background it does suck to have your birthday three days before Christmas.

We didn't make it past Barstow without Terri needed to stop for some outlet shopping. Look at that smile.

Just past Baker we found the remnants of a snowstorm from the day before.

Time to throw it in neutral and hit 90mph+ on the way to Stateline.

Yes, another outlet stop.

Why is the birthday girl so happy?

How about a 20% birthday discount at American Eagle. Cha-ching!

Suh-weet Lamborghini.

Terri was not amused by my picture taking at 70mph. Of a car, no less.

Vegas, baby!

A shot of my girl from our hotel room.

Question: From which hotel can you get this view of Mandalay Bay, THEhotel, Luxor and Tropicana?

Plus a view of Excalibur and New York New York?

Awww yeah, boyyy!

Hold up, whose birthday is it?

Okay ladies, before you add me to your hate list, my girl got into the mood. After all, this was a birthday adventure.

Photo credit: Terri. Yes, I am the luckiest guy in the world.

Hooters chips.

Terri made the mistake of messing with the Siberian tiger.

The Vegas equivalent of a stingray barb in the heart.

Taking a walk down the strip.

A cold walk.

Yes, love. (Btw, tickets to the show started at $144 a pop. That's for the cheap seats.)


Dark forever.

Terri's favorite restaurant in Vegas...

...serves her favorite dessert.

Pegasus at Caesar's Palace.

Rock the mullet, Vegas style!

We saw Vinnie Favorito at O'Sheas and a couple of lesbians sit behind us. So I take a picture of Terri to get a picture of them and they actually stole the shot. Seriously, the audacity.

Hooters at night.

Night view from our hotel.

Leprechauns rule!

Terri had an opportunity to take a picture with the little guy but she passed. So much for the adventure part.

Tahiti Village offered entertainment before the pressure sales job began. But it was totally worth it because of all the free gifts. We paid nothing for three days and two nights at Hooters, received two tickets to the Riviera comedy club, $100 gas card for Shell stations...

...free champagne brunch at Tropicana...

...and free $500 in slot play at Casino Royale. Money, baby.

*sniff* I'll miss you Hooters.