So Brian informed Bill and me he scored tickets to the PaleyFest Fall TV Preview Party for NBC. According to Brian these events throw a party for the audience then follow with the show's pilot episode, and finally a panel Q&A. While CBS had already previewed 2 Broke Girls and FOX had shown New Girl and X Factor I figured NBC would step up its game. Right?

We usually leave for events a bit earlier to grab dinner but because we were going to be fed at the party we left a bit later, thus were buried in L.A. traffic.

Bill was unimpressed with Brian's gridlock skills.

Brian was unimpressed by Bill's backseat driving.

It could be worse, though...

...we could have been the guy stuck in traffic that needed to pee so badly he relieved himself in a plastic cup while driving then left it on the side of the freeway.

A strip club in East L.A.? No, thank you.

The anxious crowd had already begun to assemble.

What game-changer could NBC have up its sleeve?

While we waited Brian sat down in what we soon learned was a small puddle of water some lady had spilled.

You think anyone will notice?

Bill did.

By the time we were allowed entrance we were hungry and ready to party.

Why the long face on Bill? See that bag of Pop Chips? THAT was the extent of the party.

Oh wait, we also got free soda.

Damn you, Brian, and your misinformation!

We spent the rest of the "party" wandering about, looking at the cool posters.

But cool posters were not very filling for my empty belly.

A view from inside the Paley Center.

And another. Yes, I was bored.

Bogie, baby!

Brian OD'd on Pop Chips!

Hanging out.

The Paley Center for Media.

Bill is a huge fan of the Golden Girls.

More pictures.

We found seats!

What did NBC have in store to dominate the 2001-12 television ratings? (drum roll, please)


Wait, what?

Yep, NBC was highlighting the upcoming season with a sitcom starring Whitney Cummings, a comedian best know for her work on Comedy Central roasts. Yay.

We left a bit early to hit the food trucks on the streets of Beverly Hills.

CheeseBall Wagon? Not if my life depended on it.

The Greasy Wiener had some lifelong fans.

Then we saw the CoolHaus truck and decided to enjoy dessert before dinner.

This is how we roll.

We finally found some real food at the famous Nat 'n Al Delicatessen.

Beverly Hills: It turns out that's not where I want to be.