I just finished listening to Dubya’s announcement of U.S.-led military action in Iraq and I could barely restrain the howls of indignation at his choice of words:


He explains that we are invading Iraq “to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.” What danger? No one has yet to show one iota of credible evidence that would point to Iraq as a danger to the world. The top U.N. weapons inspector, Hans Blix, has stated that there is no proof of biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons of any kind. Despite this we still invade.


The president uses the phrase “coalition forces” yet the world knows this is a coalition of two – the U.S. and Britain. Besides the United States’ slim majority, there is only one other country in the world whose population supports this war and it’s not Britain (90% against the war); if you guessed Israel you nailed it. Surprised? Didn’t think so. (Did anybody notice that when American protester Rachel Corrie ( was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to stop the destruction of Palestinian homes in Rafah there was not the slightest peep from the White House?)



Bush explained that there were “more than 35 countries are giving crucial support.” That sounds nice until one considers that there 191 member states in the United Nations and the three other permanent members, Russia, France, and China have all publicly branded any war against Iraq as illegal. It’s no wonder why Bush chose not to push for another Security Council Resolution vote, instead invading Iraq against the outcry of much of the world’s populace.



Speaking to the American troops, Bush explained that “the people you liberate will witness the honorable and decent spirit of the American military.” I imagine it will be a bit difficult for Iraqis to witness anything with stealth bombers dropping artillery that military bubbas have nicknamed “The Mother of All Bombs.” How’s that for honorable and decent?



Bush says that “in this conflict, America faces an enemy who has no regard for conventions of war or rules of morality.” Um, I believe that this is the same guy who just ordered the pre-emptive attack upon a sovereign nation that played by the rules the last time we attacked it.


The president warned that the war “could be longer and more difficult than some predict.” In other words, you can kiss goodbye the plans for two weeks, $100 Trillion, and minimal American loss of life.



Without even a smirk Bush asserted that “we have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people.” No, seriously, he didn’t even crack a smile.



Bush explained that “our nation enters this conflict reluctantly.” You have got to be freakin’ kidding me. How is it reluctance when he ignores the pleas of the world to stop the madness and ignores the lack legality by rendering the United Nations impotent.



Bush said, “We will meet that threat now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters and police and doctors on the streets of our cities.” Talk about propaganda. He is clearly making a reference to streets of New York on September 11th and implicating Iraq in the Twin Towers attacks. Again, there has been no proof provided by our government that links Iraq to any terrorist organization, including al Qaeda.



Bush asserts that “we will pass through this time of peril and carry on the work of peace.” Peace? This is the same who claims that the United Nations has not lived up to its responsibilities when the UN preamble calls for exactly that – peace.



Bush closes his speech with: “May God bless our country and all who defend her.” Does anyone else recognize the irony of our defense forces currently involved in an offensive?


Bush must take us for fools. But then apparently a slim majority of the American population is. USA! USA! USA!