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"All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance."
John Lennon

I went to the anti-war/Bush march on Sunday, March 30 in Downtown L.A. The march started at Pershing Square and made way down to the Federal building on 2nd. Here are a few things about the demonstration:

-- This one was MUCH larger and lively than the Hollywood demonstration. The L.A. Times estimated that one at 3,000. About a block before the end of this march I stopped on the sidewalk and snapped some pix. I stood there for approximately 25 minutes as the people marched by. 25 minutes! I would estimate the crowd size to be 10 times that of Hollywood. Good show L.A.

-- Below are some of the pix I shot during the march. Also, here are some of the many creative and amusing signs

Another day, another raising of the voices.

Early at Pershing Square.

Before the streets were lined with protesters, 5-0 showed up en force.

The police's eye in the sky.

Hey Joe, where are you going with that sign in your hand? (apologies to Jimi)

The gathering crowd.

From the mouths (or signs) of babes.

Some got a view from the stage...

...while some get my view from the stage.

Death took time out from his pressing business in the Middle East.

Some people just naturally understand how symbolism works, while others...

...well, um... yeah, you get the point.

The sea of protest raging against American injustice in the world...

...banging bongos and chanting all the while.

"Koreans Against War" had the most fun of everyone in the march. These people rocked.

South on 6th, left on Broadway. In case this was too confusing, your friendly neighborhood LAPD officer was there to serve and protect with a dazzling smile and ready hand on his gun.

Here's Paul at the head of the march, leading the chants from the back of a truck.

Sweet mural on Broadway.

Next mission: "Operation Mullet Freedom"

Check out the dude rolling along while the rest of us poor saps were forced to walk the 90 degree streets. Lucky duck.

Irony: 12 miles to the gallon during a march against a war for oil.

My favorite sign of the day: I mean, seriously, who could disagree?

Peace dog: not as cool as the "peace midget," but still cute.

The devil is in the details.

For those of you as white as me: "Schools Yes... War No." Chale.

Unfortunately you can't see from the picture but this guy has a metallic blue nail through his nose. Talk about a serious protester.

Thanks for coming. See you in two weeks in front of the L.A. Times building.