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"War, what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing."

I went to the anti-war/Bush march on Saturday, March 22 in Hollywood. The march started on the corner of Hollywood & Vine and made way down to the CNN building. Here are a few things about the demonstration:

-- I have to hand it to the LAPD; they showed great restraint in keeping the whole demonstration orderly. They just held their ground and let people chant themselves hoarse.

-- There were quite a few people with signs in support of our troops, imploring Bush to bring them home.

-- I didn't bang a drum and I didn't hoist a sign. I walked and took pictures and chanted a bit. And at times got chills at what it feels like to be proud of your country again and proud of those people within it who are willing to speak out for what they believe in.

-- Below are some of the pix I shot during the march. Also, here are some of the many creative and amusing signs

In the eye of the storm.

Yo, yo, yo. Rosemead English Department representin'.

The protesters met at the Metro station at Hollywood & Vine.

This was Paul and he opened up the march with, "We won't march down the sidewalk because there's too many of us." Resounding boos. "Instead," he continued, "we'll march down the streets because the streets are ours." A great cheer from the crowd.

Lining Hollywood Blvd.

It looked as though the police were attempting to censor the signs but they were just taking the sticks that were too big.

The beginning of the march to the CNN building (note Capitol Records in the background).

5-0 out in force.


Anti-war protestors come in big...

...and small packages (sweet flute, dude).

A brief stop to get the crowd together.

Acting inconspicuous : )

This was some freaky avant-garde protest thing. Didn't get it.

I assume this was her dead baby.

These jackasses were trying to set a flame-retardant flag afire in the middle of the crowd. Apparently they were brain-retardant.

This lady went off on a camera crew that were encouraging the numbskulls. "This isn't why we're out here," she yelled. Bravo.

Talk about haunting symbolism.

The CNN building.

Next to the peace midget this is my favorite pic of the day.

The fuzz at CNN was ready for people with anarchist intentions (like this guy maybe?).

It was a rewarding day. See you next week at Pershing Square.