Mon, 17 Mar 2003 18:01:05 -0800 (PST)

From: Joseph Vasquez" <> 

Subject: a pitch


coming soon to a cable box near you!

a world in need of a leader . . . .

a man in search of a purpose . . .

out of the ashes of texas . . .

a hero will rise . . .

<cue triumphant horns>

this spring, george w. bush is . . .

big brother!

Oceania (usa, britain,australia) is now poised against

the evil threat of iraq . . . but waiting in the wings

is eurasia (france, germany, russia) and the ever

menacing east asia (certainly china, north korea?).

this time, you're either with us, or against us!

don't miss a single shot fired! tune in nightly on fox

cable news network! let's roll!


on a serious note: god save america, god save the

troops. i do not mean to suggest that the war will go

badly, on the contrary, much like the mexican-american

war there is little doubt of the outcome of this

military exercise(barring any unforeseen disaster that

i don't even want to think of). i also don't want it

to be said that i support saddam. even i am not that

unbalanced. but, the one question i have is: what good

has come of war, EVER? true, ww2 saved lives, but it

could have been prevented back in 1918. the american

civil war freed tha slaves, but it also helped fuel

the racist fire throughout the nation. pride . . .

desire . . . greed . . . capitalism. these are some of

the root causes of our current situation. does anyone

remember that right after september 11, 2001 a report

was released that revealed that in the 1970s the

airlines were advised to install security doors on all

cockpits to prevent a terrorist take over? why wasn't

it? profit margin! i apologize for my rant and i

apologize for my continued marxist attitude (please

don't remind me that communism failed, that does not

take anything away from the argument that capitalism,

as it is currently practiced, is quite inhumane) but

if i don't subject all of you to my ideas, i will feel

i have done nothing. "what's the use", one may ask.

"the use", i suggest, is that, to take a line from

aids activists, silence equals death. this madness

must end. here is a poem that i know many of you have

read many times. for those of you who haven't, please




“September 1, 1939”

    W. H. Auden


I sit in one of the dives

On Fifty-second Street

Uncertain and afraid

As the clever hopes expire

Of a low dishonest decade:

Waves of anger and fear

Circulate over the bright

And darkened lands of the earth,

Obsessing our private lives;

The unmentionable odour of death

Offends the September night.


Accurate scholarship can

Unearth the whole offence

From Luther until now

That has driven a culture mad,

Find what occurred at Linz,

What huge imago made

A psychopathic god:

I and the public know

What all schoolchildren learn,

Those to whom evil is done

Do evil in return.


Exiled Thucydides knew

All that a speech can say

About Democracy,

And what dictators do,

The elderly rubbish they talk

To an apathetic grave;

Analysed all in his book,

The enlightenment driven away,

The habit-forming pain,

Mismanagement and grief:

We must suffer them all again.


Into this neutral air

Where blind skyscrapers use

Their full height to proclaim

The strength of Collective Man,

Each language pours its vain

Competitive excuse:

But who can live for long

In an euphoric dream;

Out of the mirror they stare,

Imperialism's face

And the international wrong.


Faces along the bar

Cling to their average day:

The lights must never go out,

The music must always play,

All the conventions conspire

To make this fort assume

The furniture of home;

Lest we should see where we are,

Lost in a haunted wood,

Children afraid of the night

Who have never been happy or good.


The windiest militant trash

Important Persons shout

Is not so crude as our wish:

What mad Nijinsky wrote

About Diaghilev

Is true of the normal heart;

For the error bred in the bone

Of each woman and each man

Craves what it cannot have,

Not universal love

But to be loved alone.


From the conservative dark

Into the ethical life

The dense commuters come,

Repeating their morning vow;

"I will be true to the wife,

I'll concentrate more on my work,"

And helpless governors wake

To resume their compulsory game:

Who can release them now,

Who can reach the deaf,

Who can speak for the dumb?


All I have is a voice

To undo the folded lie,

The romantic lie in the brain

Of the sensual man-in-the-street

And the lie of Authority

Whose buildings grope the sky:

There is no such thing as the State

And no one exists alone;

Hunger allows no choice

To the citizen or the police;

We must love one another or die.


Defenceless under the night

Our world in stupor lies;

Yet, dotted everywhere,

Ironic points of light

Flash out wherever the Just

Exchange their messages:

May I, composed like them

Of Eros and of dust,

Beleaguered by the same

Negation and despair,

Show an affirming flame.




Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 15:11:50 -0800

Subject: Re: a pitch

From: "Richard  Winters" <> 


Is it the human seed

that blooms with flowers of death,

that coruscates the skies

with mad explosiveness?






Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 02:54:08 EST

Subject: Re: a pitch


     Awesome movie pitch MR. vasquez. I will see if my Mom can get you a job at fox. I doubt if they would hire you though, considering the fact that they run one of the most conservative, right wing news channel in the world. I saw Bill O’Reilly for the first time and I couldn’t help but laugh. THE guy is just scary. HE has been in favor of the war since day one. HE wants the war to fought at any cost. Even if it means cutting back spending on such things as welfare and education. He said he is only looking out for the well being of his family. Doesn’t education count as well?

       The protests continue, but we should be worried about something else. The well being of all the troops. I hope for their sake that the war comes to an end and soon. I applaud the Iraqi troops for standing down rather than be killed. They also help to lower our casualty rate. But I feel sorry for them because they are giving up there lives in a way. But what would you choose: staying and fighting, or a sure ride to life in prison? since some poetry seems to be the theme of these recent emails I have decided to try my hand at it.  Also if you guys get a chance I recommend reading mark Twain’s beautifully written, kinda poem story type thing entitled “War Prayer.” It is something that can be applied to any war past, present or future.


there are voices for war

and voices for peace

a leader with selective hearing

makes a decision god help us all


The time for protest is over,

voices of dissent and shocking-awe

need to be stopped

One voice is needed now,

one hope for all;

safe return of all young warriors

and a quick end to it all




The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.

-   Sophocles




From: Eric Burgess []

Subject: re: a pitch

Sent: 3/21/03 7:01 PM



i was inspired by

a sleek red sports car

that filled me with

tremors of wonder



i am saddened by

a stained-red uniform

that fills me with

shock and awe