This is an ongoing e-mail debate with my friend Jack on the impending conflict with Iraq. We don't agree on much and this subject is no different. It all began when I sent him a link to an update of Apple's new browser, Safari. Evidently Jack failed to appreciate the signature on my e-mail, and he responded with his own signature. This began what I call (tongue in cheek) "The Great War Debate."

"My Signature" 16 Feb 2003

"Jack's Signature Reply" 16 Feb 2003

"My Reply to Jack's Signature" 17 Feb 2003

"Jack's Rant" 17 Feb 2003

"My Response 1" 19 Feb 2003

"Jack's Rant 2" 21 Feb 2003

"My Response 2" 23 Feb 2003

"Jack's Mini-Rant" 04 Mar 2003

Here are some of the responses I have received from the masses.