From: Eric Burgess < >

Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 12:32:36 -0700 (PDT) 

Subject: big dubya is watching


somebody just asked me what i meant by comparing orwell's 1984 to bush's aircraft carrier speech.

bush's speech used what orwell termed "newspeak" in his novel. newspeak is the name for the language that the government used to hide what it was doing. using techniques such as oversimplification, euphemism, misrepresentation, abbreviation, blurring, and reversal of meaning, newspeak makes language so meaningless that it cannot be used to communicate (or even understand) the activities of the state. thus, the whole aim of newspeak, according to orwell, is to narrow the range of thought. listen carefully as big dubya speaks and you will be able to identify all of the aformentioned techniques.





Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 09:15:41 -0700

Subject: Re: big dubya is watching

From: "Richard Winters" <>


I must apologize for saying that my last note to you all would be my last.

I will try to make this the last. There's a guy named Fritz Hemker who works for Arsalyn Foundation. Arsalyn sponsors the Student Advocates for Voter Empowerment (SAVE), a group I advise at Rosemead High School.

Hemker heard about my reference to the Marine Corps report which says that Saddam didn't really gas his own people. He sent me several emails trying to convince me the Marines were wrong. I replied that the accuracy of the report wasn't the main question. If the Marines were right, then our rhetoric, blaming Saddam for gassing his own people is a BIG lie. If the Marines lied, then we are part of an equally big lie, a cover-up to protect out then ally.


Hemker read the report, finally, and unable to debunk it, sent me an email which said, "So what if the Marines got it wrong. So we lied to protect our ally, so what?" That "So what" said it all for me. It is the nexus of everything I abhor about this administration. Yesterday, I wrote the following poem which expresses what I feel. I just wanted to share this with you.


They wear beautiful, expensive

suits -

He demands it, lest the symbolic

magnificence of the Oval Office be betrayed,

and they say, "So what."

Not to the suits, of course, they wear

them proudly to the podiums where they

answer questions with deceptions and,

"So what."

It is okay to lie, they seem to say,

if the lie will get us votes,

If we really want to believe the lie,

If we really want you to believe the lie,

If we really want to do what we want to do,

and the lie makes it possible,

"So what."

And the chains of heaven groan,

and the drawbridge stops half-down -

And the dead of Hardy's poem gasp -

If our enemies deceive, we give them

hellfire and brimstone from above,

outpourings of wanton power in a rage -

If we deceive, "So what."

So all the children, cut down in the

fires before dawn, cry out -

So all the mothers, clutching photos

of dead sons and daughters, weep -

So all the hopes for futures with ones

beloved vanish in the charnel pit of war,

and vast tons of falling bombs reduce q

world to splashed blood and shards of still

warm flesh -

And at the podiums, they turn to leave,

the prim, stylish spokeswoman intones,

"Bad things happen in war," - with a shrug -

"So what."  And they, the suited ones, spend the monies lavished on them by the architects of death's agony - They build castles on the hills they, only, can afford, and answer every query with their epitaph, - - - "So what."