Somebody asked me a couple a days ago why I waste my energy protesting this war, why I waste my time bitching and complaining about our government when, according to him, my actions would not result in any change. Ultimately, I guess he is right about the lack of any real change. Yet still I send out these e-mails that many just disregard, delete, or read with a mixture of disdain and curiosity. After thinking this over in the shower this morning I have come to a realization: I am driven by a combination of duty and rage to continue to start these discussions. As an American citizen it is my duty to question the actions and motivations of my country. While I always seem to be the one who rails against the U.S. and its deeply-flawed history, those who know me will also attest to my love and respect for our great nation that is unrivaled when it comes to its freedoms and liberties. Therein lies the irony for me; America: I love it, yet at times I want to leave it. But, as an American citizen, it is my duty to make sure that we use our great power and wealth to make this world a better place, helping not hurting the downtrodden and oppressed in the world. We should do this not to further our own agenda (be it oil or world dominance) but because we are all members of humanity. I challenge each and every one of you to look to whatever religion or personal philosophy you subscribe to and discover whether you are being true to your core beliefs. Simply put, are you making the world a better place? If so then we are all making a change....
17 March 2003

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