For the 2005 RHS Gong Show Brian, Mike and I filmed The Judges 2. The premise was John Walton, Assistant Principal of Activities, was so angry at our ruining the 2004 Gong Show that he banned Brian and me from this year's show. Since the date of the gong show coincided with Walton's actual birthday we wanted to give him a gift he wouldn't forget. Long story short, he sends the Telleznator (Mike) after us but he joins us and helps us wrap Walton's office in aluminum foil.

Target: John Walton, Birthday Boy.

Peaceful and tranquil, Walton's office sits unfoiled.

The work begins slowly.

An hour and a half later.

The job is nearly complete.

The sign says it all.

The Telleznator joins us.

Walton was a good sport.

He even got some work in.