So Brian invites me to go swimming one day. One problem: neither of us own a pool, nor are we willing to hit a public pool. To Pasadena we go for a visit to the world famous Ritz Carlton . Not owning a pool Brian needed a new pair of swimming trunks. To Arcadia we go to the Westfield Mall, known to you old-schoolers as the Santa Anita Fashion Plaza.

The Hybrid got the day off today because we had the minivan at our disposal. Look out ladies, Brian and Eric are on the loose.

Of course, any ladies interested in a ride will have to sit in the far back because of the two car seats. *sigh*

To the mall to get those trunks. But first Brian shows off his Billy Joel skills.

So Brian explains that his 12 month-old son Matthew "stole" a book while they were in the bookstore last time. Something about chewing on stuff and a diaper bag. So Brian, eternally the Boy Scout, decides to return the mangled copy. Bravo.

Sainthood is tiring.

A peek at the construction taking place at the mall. Check the link in the introduction for the official details.

Apparently Spencers now carries the official line of Eric Burgess head apparel.

Why this family is taking a photo next the Westfield sign is beyond me. I hope that's a digital camera she's using.

Brian tries on some trunks in the Anchor Blue dressing room. I'm bored. You knew where this was going.

I'm thinking of writing a letter to Macy's to ask them WTF?

Lunch took us to Beadle's Cafeteria in Pasadena, a favorite eatery of area seniors. It's gotta be good.

The place was jumping.

Yep, lasagna, mac & cheese, veggies, and dessert. This was to be the last smile from Brian until his next bowel movement.

And here was my own last smile. Damn old people and their buffets.

To the Ritz Carlton. Check the parking space. Well, we are employee somewhere and we did carpool. It was either this or $15 valet parking.

The Ritz Carlton is fancy. Check out the restroom sinks.

And the toilets.

And the urinals... sorry.

Our ultimate destination, from above.

Chillin' with the rich and famous.

Splish splash.

Blub blub.

The jets hit the spot.

Uh, yeah.

Postcard from paradise.