On our final morning it was evident by the number of trophies and medals we had accumulated that we owned this ship.

Bill got a rude wakeup call when, in the pitch dark of the cabin, Wayne whacked him in the face with a pillow from his upper bunk. Thank god for my camera flash.

Brian got the same treatment as he exited the restroom.

Again, you couldn't see your hand in front of your face, let alone a 95-mile-an-hour pillow.

I went next door to rouse the other guys only to discover that Mike had had a hair-raising experience in the night.


More breakfast.

Yep, still breakfast.

The Queen Mary.

Turn out the lights, the party's over.

Wayne was up to his old tricks.

Mike reppin' for the Kings a month before they became Stanley Cup Champions for the first time in franchise history.

We ran into Vanessa again as she disembarked.

We hung around a while waiting for the limo to pick us up.

Apparently the limo driver didn't know where to meet us.

Alex enjoyed the license plate.

Bill enjoyed the complimentary candy.

Mike and Wayne.

Heading home.

The limo dropped us back at the school where we had parked.

As Mike drove home I hope that he had a great time.

Happy marriage, my friend.