So Brian saw that the American Cinematheque was screening Teen Wolf at the Aero in Santa Monica, including a discussion following with director Rod Daniel and cast members. I messaged Jeff Mahler and he responded that he would "DEFINITELY" be there. With that in mind it was going to be an adventurous night.

Brian posted this on Facebook and the exchange speaks for itself.

We fueled up...

...battled L.A. traffic...

...and rolled up on the Aero in our matching BNAT13Wolf t-shirts.

While posing in front of the marquee we happened upon none other than Matthew Weisman, Teen Wolf's co-writer. A special thank you goes to his wife for snapping the photo.

But enough with schmoozing with celebs, it was time for some Inglourious Basterds-like reconnaissance in anticipation of Jeff Mahler's arrival. We looked for the electrical box in the alley behind the theater.

But we also had a Plan B.

Just as Brian was about to commit celluloid slaughter I stopped him, reminding him Mahler had yet to show his face.

BNAT 12 alum Jaime Paisley did show up, however.

After the screening director Rod Daniel ran the show. He was joined on stage by nearly the entire cast, with Michael J. Fox predictably not in attendance (though the cast did Skype with him from New York earlier in the day). So, as you can tell, Jeff Mahler was a no-show. Thus the crowd was spared a massacre of cinematic proportions.

Brian made it a special point to get a picture with Mark Holton/Chubby/Francis.

After, Brian, Jaime and I headed down to Venice for some barbecue.

A bit of Baby Blues surfboard art inside.

Which hot sauce are you?

Brian ordered the beef brisket with a side of corn on the cob.

The bleu cheese crumbles are where he would end up paying the price later.

Jaime went with the pulled pork and mac and cheese side.

Unfortunately, Franklin Barbecue in Austin ruined me for all barbecue, but I had to at least try.