So Brian tells me free up Monday night but says nothing else. As we were heading to Hollywood I knew it was going to be fun.

Parking in the Hollywood and Highland parking structure Brian rifles in vain through his trunk for a jacket. But he does find his mullet. Clearly this is a good omen of things to come.

Apparently someone opened up a store dedicated to Brian.

Looks like Snow White's been hanging out with Fugly, the eighth dwarf.

If the Hollywood Blvd. sidewalk is closed...

...then why is this man looking so happy?

Because the sidewalk is open to those that possess tickets to the world premiere of Team America: World Police!

Forget billboards, the new trend in advertising is billbuildings.

A busload of tourists inspecting the new (to them, at least) Kodak Theatre.

Scoping out the afterparty location.

And the security literally standing between us and the beautiful people.

The left side of Graumann's Chinese Theatre.

And the right side.

Down the street we found a makeshift memorial at the Walk of Fame star for Christopher Reeve who died yesterday.

While some showed respect...

...others showed, well, let's call it "irreverance."

Since there was still two hours to the start the movie we decided to chill at a restaurant across from Graumann's. But why is Brian so excited? Hint: It's not the beer.

'Nuff said.

Since Brian already enjoyed his dessert I had my own.

Brian, the trivia-extraordinaire, was at first interested...

...then elated at the realization of who his competition would be.

A shot of Graumann's from upstairs at Hooters.

This was the second time we spotted the man with most oddly shaped body I have ever seen. We saw him several times after and began to suspect he was stalking us.

As the stars began to arrive on the Red Carpet we knew it was time to head over.

I sort of felt bad for the poor saps that had to watch from across the street.

What is a two-beer photo? This how much Brian needs to drink before he asks the Hooters' doorman to take a picture with him. And yes, Brian's car keys are already in my pocket.

Victory! We are on the Red Carpet, baby!

This is where we are standing.

Ladies and gentleman, Weird Al Yankovic.

Still hanging out.

The writers, producers, and directors of Team America and South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Can you identify the guy in the beanie rollin', rollin' rollin' past the men of the hour?

Fred Durst, biyatch!

I hope Brian washed his hand soon after because I hear Fred is into some dirty things.

The three of us agreed to hook up later and break stuff.

Flashless shot inside the theatre. Cameras were not allowed in. Brutha, please, this is Team Brian & Eric. Step off!

After the flick we found ourselves at the afterparty. Money, baby!

Brian's drink had more than an ample amount of booze.

Chinese food? Oh, I get it; Graumann's Chinese Theatre. Clever.

This was no Orange Chicken or China Way. Only the best for us.

Chillin' with the rich and famous. Check the lady in the background. Either she just heard a really good joke or she's about to revisit some shrimp dumpling.

Sweet view of the back of the El Capitan Theatre.

As we were leaving the party Brian stopped and asked the workers to take a picture with him. The crowd on the street saw this and, thinking the women asked Brian for the picture, assumed we were famous. Some bum even asked us for a couple bucks since we were "celebrities." Team Brian & Eric in full effect.