So today was a student-free day. In other words, while the kids get a day to lounge about we teachers are forced into groups and collaborate. These are the days that put the "ack" in Fack! Yet, with a previous student-free day in mind things may turn out ok.

Our first workshop was scheduled until 11:30 but ended at 9:30. With lunch we had 3 hours to kill until the afternoon session. Brian had the brilliant idea of heading to Speed Zone. After checking the website...

...we hopped in the Hybrid and were off (with the brim pulled way down low, of course).

There was a sig-alert on the 60 and the 605 was backed up so we used Azusa.

Speed Zone, baby!

Do I wanna party? Like Bush needs a clue!

Our bubbling excitement had the emergency brake pulled when we were informed that the tracks did not open until noon. WTF?

How about racing before dark.

What, him bitter?

Welcome to my disappointment.

Yay, the game room was open. Bastards.

Oh, so that's why we were the only car in the parking lot.

We hopped back on the freeway...

...and wandered...

...and wandered...

...and, wait, is that snow? How long did we wander?

The beauty in all this wandering is that we did it while getting 47.3 mpg.

No u-turns?

What was so important that I was compelled to break the law?


Aggghhhhh! Would we be denied twice in the same day?


Hooters food.

Since our compatriot Mike Tellez was taking care of family business we brought him back a little present.

"Dude, we still have work to do. Dude?"

Brian woke up just in time to join his group, which included Sullivan, Crum and Boyd. Sucks to be him.

Oops, I got cocky too early. My group included Arevelo, Barcroft and Hatley.

Sucks to be Bladen. She got stuck with Collins, Cohen and Harisay.

A picture is worth a thousand laughs.

After the workshop we head to the mall. Brian got there second.

That's right, we had a grudge to settle.

One seat at a time Brian moved father away from me during the movie. Yes, it was that scary.

A shot from the new mall of the old smog.