So Brian called me up in March to tell me to take May 8th off work so we could see the 10:45 a.m. showing of JJ Abrams' version of Star Trek. Granted, it was no Episode III screening, but it was still a sci-fi sequel.

We prepped for the day by watching Robot Chicken's operatic parody of The Wrath of Khan.

Enjoy it for a few moments. Here is the whole thing.


Then we dropped the Minivan of Magic off at the shop to get a Warp Drive tune-up and Dilithium Crystal refill.

Then we headed to the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood for some breakfast.

Apparently this a Hollywood place to be seen.

Brian ordered the "Chicago Charlie's Scramble" (Italian sausage, potatoes, bacon, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, garlic, basil, and lots of onions. Served with garlic bread).

I had the "Mounds of Pleasure" (coconut and chocolate-filled pancakes topped with whipped cream). The waiter asked if I wanted one, two or three. Brutha, please. Even though Brian warned me they were big, I was about to triple my pleasure.

As Brian said, it was like eating a cake. Very delicious, but very rich. As a matter a fact, looking at this picture still makes my mouth water. Nevertheless, three more bites and I would have been tossing in the alley. I had officially met my match.

Much to the dissapointment and disgust of Brian.

Even the waiter stopped by to mock me. FML.

We made our way down to the Arclight.

A shot of the lobby from above.

We killed some time walking around the lobby checking out posters...

...and acting like geeks.

While browsing the Arclight bookstore a girl approached us and wanted to interview us outside. She turned out to be from NBC's Extra and we lead on that evening's show. Unfortunately they cut out Brian's uber-geeky Kobayashi Maru allusion, but did include my "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock" move.

Brian stole the shot with an all-time, over-the-shoulder "WTF?" look. Classic.

Brian saw a ticket hanging out of one of the automated machines. When he pulled it, another came out! This happened seven times! As responsible citizens we turned them in to the manager.


Then it was time. BTW, the movie was awesome!

After the movie, we saw the Google Earth car driving around filming the streets with a four-way camera.

Brian tried to get in the picture.

We followed the car around for a couple of minutes.

So if you use Goopgle Maps you may see a grey Prius at Cole and La Mirada Avenues in Hollywood (click on "View Larger map" below).

View Larger Map

Goooooogle Eeeeaaarrrrth!!!!