So I've been jonesin' to go to SpeedZone since we tried to go there during a student-free day back in 2004 only to be thwarted by inconvenient operating hours. This time Brian and Mike decided to take me there for my birthday. We called for subs and took advantage of a sweet deal: All-you-can-play video games and all-you-can-drive Turbo Track and Slick Trax for $35... ALL DAY!

This was a job for the Jedi Bus.

We headed for Le Roy's...

...for a tasty breakfast of Belgian Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, plus crispy Tater Tots! Napoleon would have been proud.

Brian coveted this lady's sweet palm tree-patches on her jeans so I pulled the sneaky, flashless digicam shot for him.

After breakfast Brian called shotgun...

...leaving Mike to travel limo-style in the back.

CalTrans work on the 60 slowed our roll a bit.

This allowed Brian to place under my windshield wiper an extra 1999 passport picture of me he found.

SpeedZone, baby!


As they were paying for the day, Brian asked the cashier, "Will the big guy fit in the cars?" to which Mike countered, "Is he tall enough?" Yes, it would be one of those days.

This is a restroom lesson in "dude distance".

Since the tracks did not open until 11:00, we had an hour in the arcade. I warmed up my driving skills.

Darth Tellez headed to Star Wars, of course.

Brian looks scared.

Mike likes to straddle.

Then we headed to the Turbo Track. Apparently there were not many drivers with Herculean physiques driving these cars so the seatbelt needed to be adjusted accordingly.

And we were off!

Why do I feel like I'm being chased by the gorilla in Mario Kart?

Classic face.

We had the track to just the three of us for 15 minutes.

A Great White shark was hunting me.

The hunted becomes the hunter.

It's not easy driving and taking pictures.

Notice the look of pure fear.


Brian commented on the sign in Klingon.

We took a break from driving... save the world in Time Crisis II.

Then back to the track.

I had time to kill while waiting for the previous race to end.

I see you.

Le Roy's tots got the better of Mike so he took a break in the stands while Brian and I wreaked havoc on the track.

The Big Leibowitz took some nice pix.

It was a beautiful day to cruise.

Look ma, no hands.

Mad skillz, brutha.

I think Brian got a slow car this time.

But that didn't stop him from terrorizing the kids.

I guess he paid the price.

Can you tell I feel bad for him?

I tried to bust a sweet 360 for the camera...

...but it didn't quite work.

Yes, it was the wait of shame while the guy pushed me in reverse.

We headed in and Mike and Brian played an epic game of air hockey.

Just like in ping pong, Mike dominated.

Brian went to his place of dominance.

The boy's got moves.

I gave Brian a hand (or foot).

Brian gave new meaning to ''Ice Ice, Baby!''

After five hours of driving and video games we headed next door to the Puente Hills Mall to get some food and catch a movie. Mike bought a toy from a vending machine.

Keepin' it gangsta, dawg.

Brian and I availed ourselves of free chocolate samples.

While at lunch/dinner Brian was quick to point out that my mom had her own brand of beer on the market.

To the AMC to see The Ruins (which ruined us).

Brian had earned free popcorn and soda from his AMC rewards card, then realized the girl had also given him free tickets. Score!

That deaf, dumb and blind kid killed some time before the flick.

Apparently The Ruins was not the hottest ticket in town.

After the movie we headed back for some more driving, where it was Brian's turn to keep it gangsta.

Night driving.

Another fun day.