So Dominick decided to play a little joke.

He sauntered into my classroom on Back-to-School Night back in late September, sitting down at my desk while I was immersed in conversation with various parents. I knew he was playing on my computer but, c'mon, he's a friend so I didn't give it a second thought. After about five minutes he got up, gave me a smile and left for home. "What a nice guy," I thought, "taking time out of his day to swing by and visit." The night ended at 8 p.m. and I likewise headed home. My phone rang around 9:30 p.m. but I was already in bed with no intention of getting back up. It rang again but I figured it was just telemarketers. The next morning my cell phone rang on my drive to work. It was Brian asking me if I had checked my FaceBook page since last night. I raced into my classroom only to find that since 7:30 the previous evening my status read "I love Brian Day. We are lovers!!!" 12 hours. Damn. I already had 38 responses that said things like "Congratulations!", "It's about time you came out.", "We already knew that.", and "Now it all makes sense." Dominick's smile as he walked past me became clear.

A few weeks later Dominick hit again, this time simply taking a picture of himself in PhotoBooth and making it my desktop picture. That's where he messed up, though, because he also left his car keys sitting on my desk. I knew he would be returning in a matter of minutes so I had to act quickly.

I ran out to his car without a plan. After a quick scan I realized dude had like five pairs of shoes in the back seat. I took one of each.

Since it was Friday Dominick had a potential problem: I turn off my cell phone when I go home so I didn't get any of his many texts.

Or any of his voicemails.

On Monday I decided to have some more fun: I created a shoe-venger hunt for him, complete with questions.

When he came for his shoes I thanked him for his FaceBook entry then handed him his shoe-venger hunt questions.

Good luck, D-Rob.

Answer to question one of "where smart kids 'drum' up support for competition": Mr. Crockwell coaches the academic decathlon team and has a drum set in his classroom.

Answer to question two of "where your desire for college is 'tested'": Mr. Lim teaches the S.A.T. class.

Answer to question three of "where art is of a 'graphic' nature'": Mrs. Veljacik teaches graphic arts.

Answer to question four of "where the queen has more power than the king": Mr. Tellez teaches chess.

Answer to question five of "where kids experimenting in high school is a good thing": Mr. Quick coaches the science olympiad team.

It took him a couple of days to find all five shoes. The funniest part was hearing stories of him walking into classrooms sheepishly asking, "Do you have my shoe?" Dominick learned a valuable life lesson: When you mess with the bull you get the horns.