So Brian decided it was time to upgrade the furniture (and no, not in the Soylent Green sort of way). See, he has owned this red couch for somewhere approaching 15 years. It has accompanied him on the journey from bachelorhood to marriage to English teacher. The past five years it has resided in his "panic room", a converted office in his classroom. He recently found a futon couch at Target for a sweet price and made the purchase. One problem, of course: what to do with the red couch?

Well, Brian and I both showed up to Back-to-School Night a bit early and, after discussing the plight of the red couch, agreed on its fate.

With the departure of Diane Bladen, Rosemead High School welcomed a new principal, former Assistant Pricipal of Instruction Larry Callaham.

We figured the new principal needed an office makeover for his new digs. So while Mr. Callaham was busy speaking to the Back-to-School Night crowd in the auditorium, we went to work.

Fellow English teacher Jessie Arvizu happened to be passing by as we feng shuied the office, so she recorded our random act of kindness.

Yes, after testing out the new arrangement it was evident Mr. Callaham would be leading the school in comfort.

Just as we were leaving we heard sounds from outside the main office and we hid; Jessie chose to jump behind the door. Good job, girl, there's no way he'll see you.

Post Script:

When I arrived to my classroom early Monday morning I was greeted with my own little surprise....

Well played, Mr. Callaham, well played.