So Brian organized another white-water rafting trip on the American River.

Brian on the horn making sure all runs smooth as silk.

The group begins to arrive, especially Richard Underhill and his dramatic Zoolander look.

Brian and Michelle.

Richard and his beau, Roger. The little dude behind them was just going for the ride.

Brian went to town on a canoli provided by cousin Jeff.

Love can be so exhausting.

Christine Romero flashes the pearly whites.


Dinner time.

Timosa representing the Blue Crew.

Michelle and Lisa caught in mid-chew.

Mmmmm... frosty.

Love also builds an appetite.

Looky who decides to grace us with his presence: Mike Tellez and his Christine.

It was a long bus ride.

It was going to be a fun weekend.

Evidently Brian took a liking to Richard's butt.

Good morning, Mr. Puffy Face.

Mike and Christine decided to stay in a hotel a few miles away. We were happy to see him anyway.

Mike proceeded to hand me an old-fashioned ping pong ass whuppin'.

I don't know how it happened with this world class form.

The gang rests up for an eventful day.

With arms akimbo Christine wasn't scared.

Takin' care of the lady.

Jeff wasn't as smooth.

Red Five, check.

The river calls.

Richard and Roger.


I guide was some dude from New Zealand.

Christine and Mike.

Jeff Day in da hizzy.

Out boat was nicknamed the Black Pearl by the others...

...because we destroyed everybody else in splash fights.

Day One in the books as we got on the bus and headed back to camp.

Back at camp we waited for dinner.

First business...

...then pleasure.

That's how we roll.

Just in case they decide to throw the Kobayashi Maru scenario at Brian, he's prepared.

Some of the gang.

Somebody told the guides that it was Brian's birthday.

Like a trouper he played it off.

After driving back to the hotel Mike and Christine found their way back to hang out.

Just in case you are lulled by her girliness...

...Christine shows she can skip a mean rock.

Christine in full seduction mode.

Roger prepared a ballad to Richard's wet spot.


Roger and Christine dosey-do.

Richard shows off his wide stance.

Now that's a fire.

Tim: ''Whadchu say 'bout the Dodgers?''

Jeff and Jennifer.


Ranger Brian with his trusty flashlight.

Roger played a benefit for starving sub-Saharan children.

''I'm good to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach.''

We were then entertained by a fire dance.


The next morning we started off again.

This was a bit of a rougher section.

Me, Christine, and Jennifer.

We had a different guide this time...

... who showed us how to paddle back into the rough water.

The boat is filling up with water as we are stuck in the current.

Jennifer and Jeff.

Time to pack up and head home.

Sweet angels.

I stuck up on Jeff.

Timosa crashed out.

Lunchtime in the middle of nowhere.

Not Jeff's best picture.

And everybody headed home.

Postscript: 28 July 2008

Wayne Busick was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live and came across this: recognize anybody?

The actual CNN report:

Right about the :22 second mark. For over 30 seconds. Richard Underhill is straight up money.


The above attack ad ''What An Obama Ad Might Look Like In Berlin'' is from the Republican National Committee. The ad is billed as a parody, but as with pretty much every attempt by conservatives to be funny, it falls flat. But look who shows up again.