When Brian scored the House of Blues at Downtown Disney as a 2004 prom site he envisioned a musically-themed advertising campaign. Coupling iconic album covers with RHS students, Photoshop brought it to fruition:

A punk cover to start things off. Sid is turning in his grave, though I bet Nancy is amused.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered to celebrate the Class of 2005 advisor, Brain Day. Let's go crazy!"

Elizabeth Ishida.

Sergio Hernandez.

Jillian Reyes, Jessica Ayala, Jackie Resendez and Kasie Yu.

Gary Porter.

Kevin Harmon.

Linda Trinh.

Desean Sumler.

Elizabeth, again.

Assistant Principal of Activities John Walton.

Gus Batta, Anthony Tate, Andrew Garcia, Ted Seo and Joey Nava.

Justin Whipperman and Kory Ahern.

Gary, again.