So Brian and I agreed to chaperone the 2013 Rosemead High School prom as we do every year. This time, though, we had a special guest. More on that in a moment.

That morning, however, I headed to Vail Lake in Temecula to run a 10K obstacle course race called the Rogue Runner.

The official Rogue Runner video.

The mountainous course.

I was in the 9 a.m. wave.

Some of these guys are serious about their obstacle course races.

I just want to have fun.

Dramatic perspective.

An excruciating hour and a half later I was finished...

...with the wounds to prove it.

I had to stop on my way out of the park to join one of the metal dinosaurs in a photo.

Later that afternoon I headed to Brian's house where Alex Rai was already waiting, muscles and all (and check out my boy's shoes. More on those later). But he was not the evening's special guest....

That's right, Jason Dubinsky was visiting from Austin, Texas, and had agreed to join us as a prom chaperone. We just needed to make sure his wife could help him out in case our shenanigans on the town ended him up with him in a California jail.

First stop on the tour? A $15 foot massage (or "oot" massage, as it were). Best bargain in the San Gabriel Valley.

Then to Dog Haus in Alhambra for a delicious pre-prom feast.

Then it was off to Hollywood where we took a leisurly dip in the Renaissance Hotel pool. I pity the fools who paid $300 to swim here.

As evening approached we had a prom to chaperone so we donned our evening apparel and headed to Downtown L.A. Oh, and check out Brian's shoes. Yep, those are Alex's checkered Vans. Poor Brian was given rental shoes that were too small. Fortunately for him Alex had another pair to share. That's what friends are for.

Why a photo of our parking structure ticket? This is the one that, if I had found it that day, would have allowed us to exit for free. Because I couldn't locate it Brian paid $13. Good news, though, I found it a few days later at the bottom of my backpack. Well, good news for this story.

Nick Thompson joined Team Smooth Operator at The Ebell in Los Angeles.

That's right, Jason's second free meal of the day.

We found time to schmooze with Principal Larry Cecil...

...while Alex perused the art.

As we were cleaning up Duron found someone's weave on the dance floor.

Alex busted out his best Tony Manero moves.

Then the highlight of my night... Prom King! But I was missing something...

...Jason completes me.

So what was the best part of this year's prom?

Was it photobombing all of Nick Thompson's pictures?

Or the monkeyshines in the photobooths?

Or the Prom Hadouken with Ruby Sare and Judy Chen?

None of the above. It was the nasty panties found lying in the parking lot outside the prom venue. Stay Classy, Rosemead.