So anyone who has seen The Breakfast Club knows the saying "When you mess with the bull, you get the horns." Well, when you mess with the bull when it needs to see a man about a horse, you get the... wait, when you mess with a man when... hold on, when the bull is let loose in a China shop... oh, never mind.

What happened was during a student-free day I was headed for the restroom in the main office when Brian tried to gutter-snipe me at full sprint. I instinctively threw my hip, knocking him into Assistant Principal Yvonne Gandara's office door. The force actually slammed open the door and he ended up inside the office. The cacophony brought everybody out of their offices and I quickly ducked into the restroom, leaving a dazed and injured Brian to explain.

Let's start from the end of the story:

Brian is explaining to Gandara later that day why her property is damaged.

The chair in which Brian landed.

Gandara's damaged mailbox.

A close-up.

He messed with the bull...

...and got the horns.