So as co-advisors to the RHS Class of 2012 Brian and I had to attend the ASB Installation. Coincidentally, RHS's own Delta Rose made up of former Panthers Spencer Krasch, Forrest Goss, Michael Herrera and Steven Hernandez were playing at the House of Blues in Hollywood that night. Even cooler, they were opening for Steel Panther. This was to be the Night of the Panther.

ASB had chosen "Project ASB" as the night's theme, so the dress was semi-formal. Never to be outdone, we decided on the tuxedoes.

By the time we got to the school the party had already started.

We kicked it into full effect.

Debbie Maulden never saw it coming.

Taco lady!

William Crockwell, Esq., wearing a tie as usual (ignore the t-shirt under it), rolled in for tacos and the later activities.

The 2012 Cabinet: six Asian girls and Jason.

Photo op.

As usual Brian messed something up.

But he did score Mei Chang's photo from the wall.

It was clear Bill was ready to go.

Two award-winning smiles...

...and Brian.

Amber and Vanessa came along to see Delta Rose but couldn't hang with our pre-music agenda...

$15 foot massages on Valley Blvd. Yeah, baby! And the funny part: Brian got the guy again. Every time. Classic.

The girls hung out across the street for the whole hour. Their loss.

Relaxed and recharged we rolled in to the House of Blues.

Out of respect to Steel Panther we switched tuxedoes.

Spencer welcomed us on behalf of Delta Rose.

Then proceeded to tear it up.

Rosemead rules.

Forrest and Steven brought the roof down.

Bill concurs.

I love their style and sound.

A sweaty, shirtless Krasch is a sign of a good show.

They just gel together.

The crowd actually started a mosh pit to Delta Rose's rock n roll.

Adam Brenes stepped in and protected us from the dirty rotten imbeciles.

The boys bring it home.

Then it was time for Michael Starr to lead Steel Panther.

A little Poison cover got the crowd going.

Lexxi Foxx is the best looking bassist in America.

Satchel shredded it up on stage.

Lexxi kept gazing into his sequined mirror. I mean, c'mon, can you blame him?

Satchel threw down some mean solos.

Then the hoe down began. Welcome to a Steel Panther show.

Michael and Satchel did their thing with the "ladies".

This chick wanted some sugar poured on her.

Lexxi was still the prettiest on the stage.

He made sure of this by boob-blocking me.

That is until Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard introduced his girlfriend, porn star Lupe Fuentes. As a bonus Paulie Z from IFC's hit comedy Z Rock made a guest appearance to sing with Evan and Steel Panther.

Lupe ruled the stage.

All the other hoes were drawn to Lupe.

Ok, this may the greatest video I have ever recorded. It's got it all: rock stars, porn stars, TV stars, funny dialogue and Metallica.

No, I stand corrected. This is my greatest video.

Why am I not a roadie for Steel Panther?

On the way home someone wanted food so we stopped at Denny's on Sunset. Bill gave a shoutout to Hal Fishman.

Nothing says 2 a.m. like a banana split.

Amber opted for the seasoned fries.

Nessa went with some kind of boring sandwich.

Though not as boring as Bill's water.

Brian enjoyed the pancakes.

We laughed at Nessa's driver's license because it looked like she took her picture naked.

The best part was that since Bill owed Brian money he paid for the meal even though he ate nothing.

I dropped off Bill and the girls at RHS where they had parked. After dropping Brian off at home I saw Bill drive by and went into pursuit mode. You can't escape the Prius of Death.