So Brian talked me into going to the fair. I was hesitant because of my distaste for the dregs of humanity and what better place to find them than Downtown Vegas and the County fair. Since I had the Vegas experience under my belt I decided to try the latter one. Besides, Brian promised he would take care of the suffocating heat that always seems hotter at the fair.

Brians kept his promise and broke out the belt misters. How can something so goofy be so cool?

Don't ask.

A clown with a bike helmet.

Just celebrating the year of the grape.

Mexican food at the fair? We were neither that brave nor that stupid.

Brian was surprised to see my mom working at the fair. Yes, the first mom joke of the day.

Again, at the fair?

Taking advantage of the many booths/demos.

Clarence the African Dwarf Frog. Now half price.

Yo Brian, I found your mom's belt buckle. Heh, heh, heh, yeah, she works with pipe.

Lunchtime had Brian eating BBQ beef. Bold move, my friend.

The jumbo corndog was barking my name.

Mmmmmm, Terri's berries.

We were waiting for the pig races.

This guy found his calling.

If you think this is gay...

...props to Brian for his precise nipple grip.

What looks like a seriously scary haunted house turned out to be a 25 second ride through a pitch black room being hit twice in the face by car wash flaps. Weak. Seriously.

A view from above.

No way, no how.

Our first nemesis.


This coaster includes cars that spin in circles. Hence the name.

And hence the nausea.

You can't hear it but imagine a great sucking sound as $10 goes down the drain.

That's a big slide...

...that we will conquer.

Time for a ski lift ride across the fairgrounds.

A serious view from above.

Screwing with the OC sheriff's display.

Hmm, so many choices.

Note: those are "peace ears" not bunny ears.