So Brian calls me to tell me about a flier he received in the mail. It turns out I had the same one but I hadn't read it as closely as Brian. What had I missed?

That's right, a burger contest. Finish a 2 1/2 pound burger and a pound of fries in 30 minutes and they name it after you. So you know what Brian and I were thinking: Welcome to the ''Mike Tellez Burger''!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend.

I had originally planned on videotaping the event until we realized The Game was nothing more than a bar with a grill in the back. It was too dark to film so we went with the digicam.

Head toward the light.

We made ourselves comfortable in a corner booth.

Brian ordered a beer, Mike a Diet Coke, and I had a... cranberry juice? Evidently bars do not serve lemonade or iced tea, thus I was made to look like a pussy by the waitress. And people blame George W. Bush for our country's ills.

Even Brian's dad showed up for the entertainment.

Steve sat down and had himself a beer. (This, after asking the waitress what types of wine the joint offered. I could have saved him the trouble.)

Let the games begin.

Brian tried to snake a fry, which would have invalidated the whole thing.

Big Daddy meets the ''Big Daddy''.

Brian's face tells the story.

Is that a look of fear?

Perish the thought.

Meet our waitress. She couldn't take her eyes off the big guy.





Look at those cheeks.

With the meat disposed of, Mike hit the fries.

Mike on his fourth Diet Coke. Could this be a fatal mistake?

Holy Side of Beef, Batman!

I like it when you call me Big Poppa.

Does the end of Diet Coke number five signal the end of Mike?

Sistah, please!

It just means he needs Diet Coke number six.

Two fries left!

Final count: One hour and one minute.

Dr. Brian checks for clogged arteries.

When we were ready to leave Mike says, ''Gimme five minutes; I'm feeling dizzy.'' Classic.

After much debate at the bar between the waitress and fans of Mike (patrons) another waitress came over and asked Mike to write his name down.

There is now the real possibility that if you go into The Game on Rosemead Blvd, you can order the Mike Tellez Burger!

Before we left Mike disposed of his six Diet Cokes.