Some background first: North central Spain is Basque country (Euskedi). The Basques are a race whose culture is different from Spain. There is a strong separatist movement seeking to sever links with the government in Madrid. Unrelated to any other tongue, the Basque language, Euskera, is widely used on signs and most towns have two names. Bilbao is Bilbo, Pamplona is Iruņa and Estella is Lizarra (hence "Camp Lizarra"). The Basques may be Europe's oldest race. Anthropologists think they could be descended from Cro-Magnon people who lives in the Pyrenees 40,000 years ago.

The Basque national identity is symbolized by the region's flag: La Ikurriņa (flying on the right). The white cross symbolizes Christianity and the green St. Andrew's cross commemorates a battle won on his feast day.

Day 4: We decided to take a day trip to San Sebastian (Donostia) the most elegant and fashionable Spanish seaside resort.

Rio Urumea running through the heart of San Sebastian.

Mike overlooking Rio Urumea.

Me overlooking Rio Urumea.

Just another stupid American enjoying the cheeky architecture of Spain. Damn, I crack myself up (pun intended).

The rocks at the mouth of Rio Urumea.

I'm the King of the Mediterranean.

The rocks, closer.

The Mediterranean.

More water.

Chillin' in a San Sebastian courtyard.

A Spanish dog chowing down on a baguette.

Another kid playing futbol.

Spanish gas station.

Kids playing soccer in the rain.

Wider shot.

Spanish ice cream.

A soccer goal and a basketball goal all in one. The Spanish are freakin' geniuses.

Lunch at Restaurante Iombi.

What's with the restroom pictures?

A Spanish midget. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"

Better safe than sorry.

I've got one word for the Spanish graffiti: Wow!