So Mike and I went by Brian's classroom one day after school to see what he was up to.

The door was wide open so we went in.

The room was empty so we were about to leave when, lo and behold, what did we spy? Keys to the infamous Brian Day minivan. Booyaa, Suckah!

After quickly running down a list of what to do with the poor bastard's minivan (one of which included parking it up on the hill at adjacent Rosemead Park with the alarm blasting) we decided to pull it into the small niche between his classroom and the maintenance building. We then moved this immensely heavy steel portable set of stairs and placed it behind the van. There was no way Brian would be able to move it on his own.

We were now faced with one problem: We had no camera to record all this, and Brian was sure to be returning soon. So while I ran over to the Yearbook room to borrow a camera Mike was to delay Brian from seeing his new parking spot if he returned before me.

After acquiring a camera I was headed back to Brian's room when I saw him talking to Mike in an area directly in my path. I called Mike on his cell and told him to position himself so that Brian's back would be to me. As I tried to quietly walk past them he happened to look back and see me. I mumbled something about having business to take care of and kept going. Mike had apparently told Brian that the phone call a minute before was me, and that, coupled with my strange behavior and camera in hand, made Brian understand something. "Agh!" he screamed. "I left my classroom open!" He then immediately sprinted after me. As he turned the corner to his classroom he saw what we had done and literally fell down in laughter.

Good times, good times.

The aftermath.

After a few minutes Mike and I kindly moved the stairs.

I used all my might while Mr. Muscles only needed one hand.

Now this should have been the end to the hilarity except that when Brian tried to back his van out...

...he hit a pole.