So Brian's cousin, Michael Tatoni, is an aspiring rapper and was booked at the Whiskey a Go Go. You know we weren't going to pass up a night with Mic Ta Tone on the microphone, booooyyyy! As a bonus, Mictatone's main hustla, Timmy T, was also performing.

First, though, we headed to Old Town Pasadena to meet up with Angela, another of Brian's cousins (these people are rabbits, I tell you) and her husband Giancarlo to hit Old Pasadena Haunt, Pasadena's biggest and scariest haunted house. According the website it is a haunted walk-through of the basement that was sealed shut for decades in the building where mysterious occurences have taken place in the building's 107-year history. on Raymond and Colorado. A night of ghosts and hip-hop, how giddy are we?

Before I move on with the night I need to relate an, um, interesting moment: While Brian and I were waiting for Angela and Giancarlo we killed some time walking around Old Town. Brian had to see a man about a horse so he used the facilities at the Cheesecake Factory while I waited outside. When he came out this is how the conversation went:
Brian: Dude, I think I just saw our waitress from Hollywood Hooters.
Me: Shelley?
Brian: You remember her name?
Me: (Embarrassed) Dude, I needed to remember her name so I could write the story.
Brian: Whatever, dude.
Me: (Trying to move on) She works here, too?
Brian: No, I think she's on a date. Go see if it's her.
So I went in and, yup, it was her. And, yup, she was on a date. And her date was a very large black man who would not, in all probability, have appreciated some goofy white guy walking up to his fine lady with, "Hey Shelley, got the night off from Hooters, I see." Yeah, I looked and kept moving.

After having the bejeezus scared out of us we stopped to eat at... Bob's Big Boy. I haven't been to a Big Boy in at least 15 years. Big Booooyyyy! Hell, yeah! Four Big Boy Combos were ordered and they tasted as delicious as ever. We love Big Boy, if you hadn't already discerned this fact.

The road to fame. But fame costs, Leroy.

Brian bustin' out his best "Rebel Without a Cause" pose.

Brian and Timmy T. Keep it gangsta, dogg, keep it gangsta.

Westside Connection: Check out what Timmy T has to say about Mic Ta Tone.

The Dynamic Duo in full effect.

"Stilletos in the ghettos of America..."

"Full metal jacket to the dome, dome...."

Aunt Judy, Mic Ta Tone's mom, is so proud that her little boy survived the mean streets of TC. Word to your mother.

A coldlampin' Giancarlo took us on a tour of the Nickelodeon studios after the Mic Ta Tone show.

Just some of the many awards Giancarlo has inspired the Nickelodeon employees to win.

Inside Giancarlo's office Angela shows off her lightsaber skills. I'm not sure if Giancarlo is impressed with her Jedi prowess or he's scared that she's going to break his suh-weet sword but bonus points for the face nevertheless..

If you look closely even with the lights out you can still make out Giancarlo's expression. Double bonus points, my friend.

This is where he "works."

Dude's got all kinds of sweet SW figures to go along with his lightsaber and... check it, a samurai sword! The kid's got it goin' on.

Check the raw Kit Fisto drawing hanging over the doorway. Remember that Giancarlo built the sweetest Kit Fisto costume .

Giancarlo throwin' down his best philosopher look. Deep, baby, deep!

So what does the guy actually do at Nickelodeon? Excuse the lack of technichal jargon, but the dude is an animation director for Avatar: The Last Airbender. First he sketches out his characters...

...then puts them on a lighted board...

...and he can watch the movement. Basically it's just a 21st century flip-book.

As we continued our tour we saw that the studio was decked out for Halloween. This is Skeletor-Ang.

Then we took a walk through the SpongeBob SquarePants haunted house. Here the mouth is the entrance...

...while the butt is naturally the exit. Here Brian plays a digested Crabby Patty.

This character is so cute. So is Jennie from My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Giancarlo: The Last Geekbender.

Words would not suffice.

A mural outside the studio.

Sometimes I am mistaken for a jellyfish.

Thus ends the tour.