Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood, an old watering hole for Jim Morrisson.

A look at my disappointment when we realized they weren't open for business yet.

Rising above the IHOP, Wayne's favorite moment of the day, and it was only 9:45. I mean, it is West Hollywood.

Wayne and Brian enjoying a scrum-diddly-umptious meal inside the aforementioned IHOP.

Chocolate chip pancakes with my trademark chocolate syrup (check it, maple's for wusses, yo).

Brian picking up the tickets at the Arclight box office.

Sweet sculpture of Gollum in the Arclight lobby.

The only thing worse than a LOTR geek... two LOTR geeks (check out the suweeet acting, though).

Wayne, always the scholar.

It was mentioned that I needed to slouch a bit more.


Sticking the camera out the back window to capture Wayne's frustration from being stuck in a traffic jam trying to get out the Arclight parking structure.

What you don't see on the happy faces of Mike and yours truly... the terror when Wayne goes Bullitt and uses the opposing lane to pass the many law-abiding citizens.
Yes, that reflective cone is the divider (in Wayne's case, between good and evil).

Dude's walking down the street in El Monte balancing this package on his head when either Brian or Wayne yell at him to test his skills.
Instead the gangstas hanging out down the alley look over as if we were yelling them. D'oh!

As Wayne takes his leave he reminds me that USC is Number 1. Thanks.