So Brian and I read names at graduation each year. 2008 would be no different.

Brendon Buono, Bill Crockwell, Mike Sandoval and Joe Vasquez all came out to celebrate out new graduates.

Brian always seems to have wardrobe malfunction. (Last year he wore two different shoes.) This year he got a very short gown. Classic.

Karrie Hensley in da hizzy.

With Lois Heilemann retired (and missed) Susan Bobadilla helped Brian get it together.

The flower girls were forced to wear some atrocity that Brian likened to the California Raisins.

Brian called this is neck-gina.

Here come the graduates.

Brendon took a moment to pound the rock.

The field.


Raz wanted to play with Brian's neck-gina.

The 2008 Rosemead High School graduates.

Principal Larry Callaham's head.

The lone gray hair standing straight up on the center of Principal Larry Callaham's head.

Not only did Ruth Giron show up late but she also wore sandals. Classy.

Straight up gangsta.

We love you graduates.

Wesley Gonzalez, Brendon, Bill and Ruby Sare.


Mike Cohen was riveted.

Brian returning after reading Varunee Punlertpathanako's name (don't laugh unless you can say it).

Hold up, wait a minute. Is that Spencer Krasch? How did he sneak onto the field?

Brian found the sunglasses of Assistant Principal Yvonne Gandara, much to the amusement of Brendon.

The Class of 2008 is in the books.

Assistant Superintendant Nick Salerno gets some love.

C/o 2007 grad Marissa ''Thug life hit me harder than the holy ghost'' Lopez somehow slipped by security.

Special congrats go out to Spencer Krasch, one of the most intelligent and creative people I have ever met. Now if he can only avoid his illicit meanderings he is going to have a great life.