So Brian and I can never pass up a free night at Disneyland so Grad Nite 2008 was the place to be.

We rolled into the high school a bit early so we stopped at 7-11 and I bought a suicide Slurpee.

Adult night school was still in progress when Brian peeked into one of the rooms and was flabbergasted when he saw an instructor employing his patented teaching methodology. I stuck my digicam around the corner and snapped a flashless shot.

With some time to kill before the arrival of the Grad Nite buses we decided it was time for some shenanigans. We still had the toilet from the Gong Show movie so we decided to have some fun. BTW, this picture was taken by the night school security guard, a guy we have never met and never asked us who we were or what we doing with a toilet in the hallway. Worst security guard ever.

Into the main office then to Assistant Principal of Instruction Larry Cecil's office.

What is this?

Oh, just the wheel to Cecil's chair that we had stashed in his closet.

First the placement...

...then the pose.

Then a note thanking him for the ''crappy year'' signed by Karrie Hensley and Sandy Beerman.

Oh, and we promised not to reveal the identity of the person who unlocked Cecil's door. S/he will remain nameless and faceless.

Speaking of faceless, out by the buses Susan Bobadilla wouldn't take a picture...

...until she was finished chewing her food. Aww, there she is.

Diana Bell and Keith, her main squeeze, take their prom photo.

The buses.

While it may appear that Mike Sandoval is irate at the tardiness of the buses, that's acting, folks, so enjoy a moment with a master thespian.

A student he didn't even know handed Brian some kind of meat sandwich. Naturally, he ate it.

After the buses headed to Disneyland we did the same. But, as usual, we had no instructions on where to park. When we got to Disneyland we weren't sure we were in the right place, so Brian walked ahead to get some answers.

This is what we had to deal with.

We finally made it to our front row chaperone parking.

As we were walking in we made the requisite call to Mike Tellez to call him a pussy for not coming to Grad Nite.

Brian took an especial liking to the frisking by park security.

Then he had to wait because my line was very slow.

Finally we were in.

We headed straight for the chaperone area where I sample the chocolate chip cookies.

Brian went with the fruit, cheese and cracker sampler with some OJ to wash it down.

Since the park doesn't actually open until 11:30 we waited for a few minutes.

When we were allowed to head for the rides I was nearly killed by America's future on my way to Space Mountain.

Space Mountain wasn't open yet so we headed for the Finding Nemo ride. I love this picture because some kid actually photo-sniped us. A taste of our own medicine.

This was our submarine. The Boo Radley wasn't available.

Why is Brian baffled?

That this kid was expecting to conduct so much business from Disneyland... in the middle of the night... while hanging out with his lady... that he felt his Bluetooth receiver was a necessity. Tool.

Welcome to the Scout.

Brian enjoys the ride.

Then we bit the bullet and stood in the two hour Space Mountain line.

This was as far as we made it at last year's Grad Nite before the ride broke down. Wait a minute...


The time flew by as Brian and I discussed the logistics of our planned 24-hour Butt-Numb-a-Thon as a school fundraiser.




It was a dangerous ride: Brian lost his head and I lost an arm.

There's Brian.

We then ran into Varunee Punlertpathanako and Ashley Rodriguez and cut in line with them for...

...Buzz Lightyear.

The defending champ.

Ashley and Varunee were locked in.

But Brian destroyed everyone, as usual.

Brian decided to try on some Disney headwear.

Ain't he the cutest Mouseketeer.

Then we got on the Matterhorn.

Brian scared the crap out of me as the ride was beginning.

Fireworks in the background sky.

We ran into Huong Pham so Brian got her phone number so we could call her later and cut in line.

As we headed to the chaperone area to fulfill our duties Brian first needed to escape a speeding boulder.

Breakfast time at 4 a.m.

At 5:45 we made it onto one last ride: Indiana Jones.

Help us, Indy.

By the time we got out it was light outside... and time for one last ride with Indy.

And a few more pictures.

We were the last ones in line.

Driver's seat, baby!

6 a.m. and the park is officially closed.

Another fun Grad Nite!

On our way I snuck a pic of her wet cheek. I hope that's water.

Always the rebel.

We were using bottled water to wash our hands after jumping a dirty gate and I squirted more than I had intending on Brian's crotch.

I was sorry. I really was.

On our way out we spotted this kid sitting in the middle of nowhere so I let him borrow my phone to call his dad to pick him up.

There's a mom joke here but we were both too tired to make it.

Home sweet home.


When I came back on Monday for the start of summer school I found a little present awaiting me.