So the graduation of Rosemead High School's Class of 2007 was held on Wednesday but Disneyland was not holding a Grad Nite until the next day.

On graduation day the name readers were asked to come out for a quick run-through. I introduced John Walton to the theme of the next two days. (Photo Credit: Bill Crockwell)

Graduation night found Brian struggling mightily with his gown zipper. But that wasn't the end of it...

Every graduation I get harassed by administrators for wearing skate shows instead of dress shoes, since it might offend the parents of the graduates. My argument is that it's ridiculous to wear nice shoes to walk across the football field, I make a conscious decision to wear dark colored shoes, and from the bleachers the parents can't see what kind of shoes I'm wearing. With that said, as soon as I arrived at the school this night Bladen turned around, looked at my shoes (black Vans) and mentioned that Brian had already shown up in his appropriate footwear. The funny thing about that? Well, Brian pointed out soon after that he was actually wearing two different types of shoes (see above), and that he had inadvertently been doing so the entire day. Classic.

I initiated new Rosemead High principal Larry Callaham into the club. Poor guy, the look on his face is representative of his obliviousness to what he's gotten himself into... and that's just regarding Brian and me. (Photo Credit: Bill Crockwell)

Brian shows some sneaky love to Susan Bobadilla.

The moment of the night was when Raz says to Brian, "Is my back all right?" She meant, of course, was her gown positioned correctly, but the damage was done. Bonus points to Mike for having his camera at the ready. (Photo Credit: Mike Sandoval)

After all the kissing, Karrie Hensley is treated to a bonus. (Photo Credit: Bill Crockwell)

Then Brian gets greedy and is busted by Karrie. (Photo Credit: Bill Crockwell)

RHS English Department representin'.

The march across the field. Which is funnier, Bill's cheeky smirk or Susan's look of quiet determination? Answer: Ruth Giron about to trip as her heels sink into the grass.

I took a picture of Bladen and me with the flash on...

...Then when Brian took a shot of us I provided all the flash necessary.

The graduates on the final leg of a four-year journey.


They stand and head to receive their diploma.

I followed Brian in reading names, and even let him read a few extras until he threw a couple of nervous glances my way.

Sending the grads off with a bang.

I sent John Tran, the mayor of Rosemead, off with a smooch.

Matt "Danger" Drange (headed to Humboldt State) and Amy Julia Harris (Stanford bound).

The next night, after loading the 200 or so grads onto fours buses, we hopped into the Jedi Bus and headed off to Disneyland.

We were even graced with the presence of Elizabeth Ishida (RHS '05).

You know you got VW Bus skills when you can take pictures while driving. On the freeway. At night.

Brian keeps the theme going.

Then busts out his big booty dance moves.

We arrived at Disneyland and found the suh-weet chaperone parking.

Mike made the night's first mistake:

He allowed Brian to apply his chaperone wristband. It was so tight...

...Mike's hands fell off from a lack of circulation.

We checked in to the chaperone area and I immediately hit up the chocolate chip cookies.

While we waited for the park's midnight opening, I enjoyed a cup of orange juice. Then came the night's second mistake: I walked away and left my drink on the table. With Mike and Brian. After a couple of sips I suddenly noticed something strange about my drink.

Yes, that is an entire carnation that had been fully submerged in my OJ.

When the rides finally opened, instead of heading to Space Mountain (my choice) we made our way to the new Finding Nemo submarine ride (that's on Brian) only to find it closed. After passing on the best roller coaster Mickey has to offer we jumped into the next best choice - the Matterhorn. Mike, Brian and Liz brought their funny looks with them. Oh wait, sorry Mike.

Is the big guy scared?

Do I need to ask the same question of Brian?

And we hadn't even started moving yet.

This guy could get a part as a Scream Queen in some B-Movie.


Big Thunder Mountain... the deadliest roller coaster at Disneyland.

Bonus points to Brian for stealing the shot.

2007 grads partying like it's, well, 2007.


Liz looks sick to her stomach in the Haunted Mansion. Or maybe I just caught her scratching an itch.

Then came Splash Mountain.

Brian and Mike conspired to sit me in front of them so when the ride started Mike could use his big bear paws to splash me. I was thinking he wouldn't do that with poor little Liz sitting in front of me.

Nothing, much to the dismay of Liz, could have been farther from the truth.

Being soaked from Mike's unprovoked attack (and having nothing left to lose now that my glasses were wet), I unleashed the patented Burgess Kayak Maneuver, a defense mechanism that allows me to open up a veritable can of water-based kick ass on all those behind me.

And by "all those behind me" this included the girls sitting behind Mike that were screaming bloody murder as they became victims of the avenging deluge. Sorry ladies, in times of war there is always the risk of becoming collateral damage.

Just before the final drop the ride completely stopped and we sat there for a few minutes. I began to believe we weren't going to have a chance to take our picture. But then...

...Aughhhhh! But then came the mystery. Where's Brian? He was sitting between Mike and me, but he disappeared in the final moments. If you look closely you can see him performing his "C" in our "YMCA" routine.

They don't call it Splash Mountain because of the rocks.

We stopped off at the Tiki Room. Why the commotion around the worker?

Haley attends UCLA.

Back at the chaperone area we encountered quite the eclectic group. I quickly had to explain to Thet that I had not just stolen his soul with my picture-taking.

Then we headed for the Buzz Lightyear ride...

...where Brian is the undisputed king.

Good job, junior space ranger.

Then across the way to Star Tours.

Then back for breakfast, where Mike reminds us he is the Sausage King.

Since the table was full Brian sat by himself.

By 5:30 a.m. I finally talked everyone into going to Space Mountain, which naturally broke down before we could get on. Dammmnit!

We settled for the Indiana Jones ride, where it was evident that Mike was desperately in need of sleep and Liz was desperately in need of a better look.

6 a.m. and Liz was throwin' down the gang signs. Westwood!

Before leaving, the man with the world's smallest bladder made one final stop.

With me sneaking in behind him.

I leave this to your own interpretation.

Another successful Grad Nite comes to a close.

The Jedi Bus waits to take us home (hopefully the Empire did not disable the Hyper Drive).

On the drive home Mike introduces Brian to the sausages he ate earlier.

Then the wave traveled to the front.

I finally got a picture of a sleeping Mike.

Brian gets one for the scrapbook without waking the big guy.

Back at the school I got photographic proof of the existence of God:

Marissa Lopez is a high school graduate.