So usually graduation falls on the last day of school, but this year we actually finished on a Wednesday and graduated on a Thursady. With an extra day to play with Brian, Mike and I racked our brains. The final plan? A two day extravaganza called Butt-Grad-Disna-Thon! Here's what we planned on: Because there was no school on Thursday we figured we could fit in three or four movies. Then we would rush back to the school for graduation ceremonies where Brian and I were reading names. Then we would go to Grad Nite at Disneyland and have fun until six in the morning. Then we would have a nice breakfast, recharging our batteries a bit. Then we would hit the theaters again for another three or four flicks.

Well, Mike struggles at the end of regular Butt-Numb-A-Thons (let alone throwing in graduation and Disneyland into the mix), Brian's wife was probably going to put up a fight (two days away from the family don't fly in the Day household), and the movie choices this time around were slim at best. Long story short, it didn't happen.

Sidenote: Click on smaller pictures for video.

With the Butt-Grad-Disna-Thon dream still possible, Brian checked the movie listings in my classroom on Thursday morning.

From the beginning Mike was never impressed with our grand scheme.

With the dream dead we hit Applebey's for lunch. While we were waiting for our food, in strolled Bladen, Callaham, Gandara, and Walton. We hid our faces and debated what to do to them with Brian finally deciding upon sending a round of Kamikazes over to the quartet, "compliments of the Judges." Walton sauntered over a little while later with a big smile on his face, saying he knew it was us the moment the drinks were delivered. He also boasted to be the only one of the four to finish his drink. This explained the big smile.

When we got back to the school after lunch we stood around bored as hell. Mike even commented that we were big losers because the school year was over yet here we were. Before we went home Mike bet me five bucks that I couldn't scale the big tree in front of the school in 30 seconds. Brian filmed it for proof. Easiest money ever. (click)

A few hours later I returned to the school in time to see Mrs. Heilemann wearing her "Hi Lemon" dress to her final graduation.

Among many other desriptions, she is the best collegue a teacher could ask for.

Rosemead High School English Department representin'.

Flower girls (in freaky dresses) Tina Ngo and Amy Ho.

I took this picture of Joe Vasquez, James Espinoza, and Bill Crockwell not to make fun of their cute shoe synchronicity, but to point out that I get criticism from Walton every year for not dressing up for graduation. I even wore dark Vans so that people in the stands couldn't tell that I wasn't wearing fancy dress shoes on the football field. My point is quite simple: the fact that I was attired in a t-shirt, jeans, and skate shoes under my gown did not take away from my ability to pronounce the names of the 2006 graduates nor did it offend any of the family members in attendance. Peace out!

Now that I'm off ny soapbox here's where the graduation night fun began: A week or so earlier Brian was cornered by the choir teacher and asked if he could stand in for her during graduation. Why she asked an English teacher who she barely knew and not the band director (Mr. Bilskemper) who was actually at graduation, we couldn't figure out (that is until we remembered who the band director was). I got a shot of Brian warning the choir not to screw up or else their asses would be grass and he would be the lawnmower.

The only thing funnier than Brian's bitter look was Bill's smirk. That's right, Bill didn't have to rush over the choir in the middle of graduation.

Actually, what was even funnier was that when they announced the choir Brian has planned to remain seated, figuring the kids could take care of themselves. Bladen looked over at Brian expecting to see an empty chair and did the greatest double-take ever before telling to get over there. Classic.

Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Day directing the choir and singing a song he had never heard before. (click)

Lois reading names.

Another angle.

My friend.

Not only did UCLA freshman Elizabeth Ishida stop by, but bonus points to fellow Class of 2005 grad Felix Wong for stealing the shot.

I still can't believe Manuel Hernandez "beat the system."

How do you spell "moron?"

W-I-L-L-I-A-M M-E-S-A. This idiot actually decided to spray paint the front of the school on graduation night. With 200 graduating seniors waiting to board the busses to Disneyland in front of the school. With all four administrators in front of the school. With a police car parked in front of the school.

The dumbass even tagged Gandara's new Mustang.

Who chased him down?

Mike "Fleet of Foot" Tellez. You betta reckanize, boooyyyy!

We hop into the VW bus and, bigga bigga bigga, head off to Disneyland.

The first ride we hit in the park was Splash Mountain. Why are we smiling?

Maybe because neither of us was in the front of the boat.


This picture is important not because of the fun we had on the Buzz Lightyear ride, but because it was the second and last ride of the night for us. "WTF?" you ask. Disneyland was more crowded then I have ever seen it. Space Mountain was a two hour wait. I don't think so.

Six o'clock in the morning. This is a look of a man who wandered around Disneyland for a few hours before spending the final two playing Trivial Pursuit with Mike, me, Mike Sandoval, and Diana Bell. Granted, board games can be fun, but an all-night trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth" is not the time.

The morning after.

Fatigue can manifest itself in many different forms.

Mike Tellez has some weird sleep radar that wakes him up any time Brian or I are about to instill some damage while he dozes. Case in point: (click)