For the past four years Brian has sacrificed time and money, sweat and blood, and fun with both his family and me to guide Rosemead High School's Class of 2005. Many of these kids were students of mine in multiple classes over their four years. Some suffered through my various English classes: freshman, sophomore or senior college prep classes, English 3, sophomore honors, and senior advanced placement. Others took journalism and were on staff of Panther's Tale, the school newspaper. Still others were in a club I advised such as FBLA or SAVE. I watched many of them grow up, both intellectually and socially at "A Better Place to Go to School" (the official RHS motto). What better way to send them off into the cruel world than a trip to Disneyland.

While most were frightened away I took the bull by the horns and sat right next to the district superintendent, even getting her to pose with me. Props to the mayor of Temple City who sneaked a sneer into the photo.

Elizabeth Ishida, the best Rosemead had to offer in 2005. Senior Class President, Panther's Tale Editor-in-Chief, FBLA Gold Coast Vice President, and the best writer in AP English to list just a few. Good Luck at UCLA!

Kosal Taing and Shuk Chan. Except for the giant diaper sophomore year, cutting holes in a hotel sheet so that I was awakened by "the ghost of Gary Porter's Mom" or getting arrested in Chicago while driving the wrong way on a one-way street there's no real way to describe Kosal.

Mike and Jimmy Valdivia, Rosemead's top wrestler and the cameraman on the Judges 2.

Isaac Vazquez, Mike, Bun Vouen, and Henry "Toad" Ten Napel

Meet the man with weakest bladder at Disneyland. We weren't five minutes inside the park before Mike needed to drain his "big muscle." This was to be repeated several more times this night.

To infinity and beyond.

I got killed on the Buzz Lightyear ride by these two schmucks (and Bill Crockwell, who joined us for the battle).

Seeing as a guy was just killed on Big Thunder Mountain a couple of months ago some of this was real fear.

Bonus points to the Indiana Jones worker for scoring some grill time in my picture.

Evidently Mike misunderstood why they call it Splash Mountain because he soaked Brian and me.

Ass blowers rule.

Just to mess with Crockwell who was doing his duty waiting in the chaperone area around 1 a.m., we paged a Rosemead representative and then hid around the corner. After a seeming false alarm he returned to his seat and we did it again. That's right, we are grown men with college educations charged with educating America's future.

Suddenly it all became clear to young Will.

Jorge Peniche enjoys a wild ride provided by Mr. Toad.




Of the four buses that brought us only three returned. Guess whose bus was missing.


So the kids waited in the parking lot.

Some with more dignity than others. (My deepest apologies, Shannon, but you left me no alternative.)

Finally Brian had the kids pretend there actually was a bus and put them in order.

Of course there is no standing when the bus is in motion.

The bus finally arrived 20 minutes later and the hour-long ride home began.

We soon discovered they sent us a smaller bus and kids were forced to sit in the aisle.

Of course, as the kids started to inevitably fall asleep the pranks followed shortly. Samantha Tran was the first victim.

Good morning, Sam.

Brandon Wong gets an earful from Brian.

Then came Felix Wong.

Whiskers for Felix the Cat.

Uh oh, looks like the sandman sprinkled some sleepy dust on someone.

Nobody told Brandon when the bus arrived at the school. Welcome to the real world, dude.