The Class of 2004 has graduated from Rosemead High School. Although it should not be any different than before, it is. Many of these kids were in both my Honors World Lit class as sophomores and the Advanced Placement class as seniors. Many were also part of the Panther's Tale staff. By being in all three classes Wendy and Linda were my students all four years of high school (I know, poor them). Gina is the most amazing student I have ever come across, with no one other than Ryan Yamada even coming close. There are so many others from this class that I will miss. So, a last look at the final day and night (and morning after) of some truly awesome people:

The morning of graduation we discovered that some students attempted to steal the panther in the main lobby but were thwarted. The tail was broken, however, and the panther was kept in the maintenance room for repair and safekeeping. So, Brian and Eric to RHS's rescue. Again.


Anna Ho.

David Acevedo, Vince Jimenez and Kevin Proum.

Wendy Bi.

Linda Hua.

If you ever want to know why Ms. Campos is such a shitty teacher, just ask me about Hester Su.

Kevin and Anna.

ASB President Anna giving her speech.

Fourpointfreakin'five GPA Gina giving her speech.

Anna and her diploma.

Kevin and his diploma.

Gina and her diploma.

At Disneyland's Grad Nite Mike Tellez saves Brian from the dreaded snakes in the halls of the Indian Jones ride.

Later we see the soft, cuddly side of Mike.

Brian's hat had me in "stitches."

It was 4:30 a.m. and Mike was feeling a bit "goofy."

Back from Disneyland by 7:15 a.m and we still have to turn in grades and check out for the end of the school year. Damn.