As a fundraiser for the four ASB classes a game was arranged between the L.A. Breakers and the RHS staff. The Breakers first made a Rosemead appearance two years ago, leaving victorious. Once again, the little dudes won, 54-47.

Team Panthers: (top left) John Walton, Dwaine Crum, Me, Clark Barnes, Bill Crockwell, Joe Vasquez, James Espinoza, (middle left) Judy Chen, Thet Oo, and (bottom) Brendon Buono.

Rosemead Senior Charles Elder pulls the rarely seen Jimi/Miles combo by playing the National Anthem before the game.

Don't be deceived by their size; they're wolves in tiny sheep clothing.

Team Panthers strategizing.

El Luchador Guapo, Mr. Espinoza.

We came out with suffocating defense.

Mr. Buono shows off his lightning offense.

Clark introduces a dwarf to his dynamic dribbling.

The little man counters with a sweet J over Clark.

Mr. Espinoza runs the point.

While Mr. Buono concentrates from the line, Mr. Crum offers the little lady complimentary tickets to the Crum Show.

The dwarfs were bustin' from the free throw line... .

...and the three point line.

Even with such little hands these guys showed off nice ball control.

Case in point: little man busts a killer crossover on Mr. Oo.

Meet "The Italian Stallion." More on him later.

Mr. Crum watches this shot from the floor.

The defense converges on J-Dub.

Half time found the little ones on top.

Mr. Day and his family took in the game.

Mr. Crum and Ms. Chen wait for the start of the second half.

Team Panthers came out with a vengeance as Mr. Crockwell led the fast break (bonus points to "Crock-Attack" for leaving a dwarf stumbling in his wake).

Mr. Crum made like a flyswatter.

Now I don't know if it was my suh-weeeet handles...

...or my blazing quickness on the court...

...or my Ron Jeremy-like penetration while dropping dimes like I was using an old-school phone booth, but...

...the "Italian Stallion" actually ran by my bench and ordered my team to get me out of the game because I was being "too aggressive." Keep in mind that our only lead of the game was 4-0, way back in the first minute. During a time out I pleaded my case; I asked if I was being too rough (FYI: there were zero fouls called against me during the entire game). He agreed that I was playing fair then proceeded to say, "You need to play on an even level, not an NBA level." WTF?! He was saying this to a 35 year old, 5'11' white guy whose last organized basketball experience was on the Rosemead High School freshman hoops squad in 1986!

Let the record show that these little guys were treacherous. They were constantly fouling, pulling shirts, and flopping to such a degree that Vlade Divac would have tipped his hat. Here, Mr. Vazquez gets hacked.

They would also set moving screens (check #4's blurry foot).

Then when falling from these illegal picks they would wrap their little legs around my ankle so I couldn't move (check his right leg in the process of wrapping around). Sneaky little hypocrites.

I understand their bitterness, though. How would you feel if, whenever you looked up, this was what you saw.

Or even worse, if you looked forward this was your view.

So they kept scoring.

The little guy on the left and I were in awe of Judy's buzzer-beating shooting form.

After the victory the Breakers signed autographs for the crowd.

And took pictures.

Awwww, friends.

Dwarf love.

Sophomore Andy Chen gets a little dwarf love of his own.

If you thought this little guy looked familiar, you probably remember him from the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. His name is Martin Klebba.

When Ms. Chen first said she was in the mood for a little Italian that night I thought she was going to DiPilla's for dinner.

I <3 Mr. Crum.

Video documentation of the domination.