As a fundraiser for the Class of 2005 Brian set up a game between the L.A. Breakers and the RHS staff. The little dudes won.

Team Old School Panthers (clockwise from left): Bill Crockwell, Marc Paramo, James Espinoza, Jim Irwin, Clark Barnes, Ruby Sare, Christine Romero, the back of Dwaine Crum's head, and yours truly strategizing. Not pictured: Joe Vasquez, John Walton and Larry Hatley.

Espinoza warms up in front of the growing crowd.

The little dudes practice.

Aren't they cute?

Paramo and Espinoza.

Espinoza working on his jumpshot over Crockwell.

Walton warms up.

Run, little guy, run.

It's true what they say: white dwarfs can't jump.

Forrest Goss played the Star Spangled Banner before the game, ala Jimi Hendrix.

John Walton prepares to squash some dwarfs as the game is set to begin.

We opened with ferocious defense on one end...

...and gravity-defying offense on the other.

A motion picture experience of my domination of the little guys.

Paramo and Walton suffocate the opponent.

Then they lit fire from outside the arc.

Walton and Barnes could only watch as the defense was shredded.

A dwarf in his own right, Daniel Fernandez played a Maroon 5 song at halftime.

The second half brought the showdown: Crum versus the little dude.

Hack city! Crum gets schooled.

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Crockwell prepares to break some dwarf ankles.

I get pump-faked into the rafters.

Group shot.

Bonus points for this look.