So Brian had some Dodgers tickets. I had a Sandy Koufax jersey. To Chavez Ravine we went.

Take me out to the ball game.

We got to the game early so we could enjoy batting practice. We discovered a nearly empty parking lot but were directed to park away from where we wanted to by a parking attendant. When Brian joked, "What if I parked in a different spot"...

...the megalomaniac said she would call one of the police officers parked over there.

Welcome to Dodger Stadium.

Brian nearly took a bite out of this tasty fan.

The LAPD was there showing off their fancy gadgetry.

Brian doesn't know who Lee Lacy is.

We watched batting practice from the centerfield warning track.

Hello ladies.

Chopper formation.

It was a beautiful day for a Dodger game.

Food in hand, Brian was ready for the first pitch.

Did I mention we were in the all-you-can pavilion? I had six Dodger Dogs, four nachos with cheese and salsa, and about 12 waters.

The guy at the end at least doubled my intake.

After the game we went to Fosselman's for dessert, my treat.

Unfortunately for Brian, I only brought my license and credit card, and Fosselman's doesn't accept plastic.

I guess it was only fitting, then, that Brian's ice cream sundae was way bigger than my triple cone.