So Brian and I each get e-mails from The Dan Band informing us of that the guys are filming their show for a special to be aired on Bravo. The best part? Free admission if we can get on the list at the Avalon in Hollywood. I immediately fired off a request and was rewarded with four spots. Back to Tinsletown, baby!

First things first, pick up Mike from the wrestling room.

Los Angeles from the 101 freeway.

By sticking my arm out of the rear window I got a picture on Mike. Pretty clever, huh? that is except for the fact that...

...there must have been a spider on the window ledge because suddenly I saw this big, brown arachnid crawling up my arm. Now, if you ask those close to me you will discover that I actually like spiders. But in my screaming panic (yup, like a freakin' schoolgirl) I knocked that sonuvabitch off my arm and proceeded to pound it to a pulp with Brian's VHS high school video yearbook from 1987.

We pull into the parking lot next door to the Avalon that had a $5 parking sign posted.

That is until the guy found out how late we were staying, pointed to the fine print and asked for $15! WTF?

Have no fear. Brian haggled with the guy and now you get to see what a $10 parking space looks like.

A shot of the boys with Capitol Records (across the street from the Avalon) behind us.

Do you think Bugs is jealous that his brother got a star first?

E.T. to Brian: "Pull my finger if you want to smell Reese's Pieces."

A movie poster signed by none other than...

Whoppi Goldberg?! Do you think her sister Whoopi is jealous?

Well-placed political commentary.

Excuse me, is that a dancing banana or are you just happy to see me?

L. Ron Hubbard, the father of that wacky Scientology cult, representin'.

As I was snapping a picture of Mike...

...this drunk dude came up and demanded that I take one of him with Mike.

Brian, of course, could not resist an opportunity like this.

One guess what the secret ingredient is at this restaurant.

Brian's new nickname: The Big Slice.

Mike and Brian took advantage of my earlier traumatic experience by laughing at me when they saw the fašade of Hollywood Toys & Costumes. That's true friendship, right there.

There's something disturbing about this restaurant...

This guy was attempting to sell his puppy for $100. I hope his next visit isn't Skooby's.

This shot of the sky at Hollywood and Highland looks like it came directly from The Day After Tomorrow.

This is where the afterparty was held for our last encounter. Bizzare.

Time for a snack before we head back for the show.

But I don't recommend the Parmesan cheese, that is unless you like FLIES in your food! Don't I feel stupid now for killing that spider.

Waiter, There's a Fly in My Cheese

Mmmmmm, pizza.

Mmmmmm, Erotic Museum.

We make our early arrival at the Avalon and plant ourselves firmly as first in line.

That's right, "confirmed," as in "I'm on the list."

After being mocked by Brian for wanting to arrive so early...

...I am vindicated by the large crowd.

Despite being first in line all the tables were reserved for "friends of The Dan Band." Brian identified the woman in charge of seating and I asked her to keep us in mind if there were any no-shows. She asked how many were in our party and then directed us to a table close to stage. Reserved for Warner, my ass!

Before the show we met Dan's wife, Kathy Najimy, the actress best know for the singing nun in Sister Act.

Finally, the time came for Dan to bring the boys out and do his thing. Whether it was "Mickey" by Toni Basil...

..."Nasty Girl" by Vanity...

..."Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears...

..."Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler...

...or "No Scrubs" by TLC the show fkn rocked!

Dan Finnerty Bootlegged

And the cherry on top? N.P.H. himself, Doogie "Muthafukin'" Howser! Booyaa!

We stopped off at Spaghetti Factory for a late dinner. Evidently inspired by the chick music, Mike ordered an extra sausage. Fkn Grrrl Power!