So Brian, the man with the comic book collection numbering 4,000 and counting and who is on first name basis with the guy who works at the comic book store across from the Krikorian on Myrtle in Monrovia, tells me we have the opportunity to see Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Keanu Reeves, Jude Law, Jaime King, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Biel. He had me at Jessica Alba. To San Diego we go for Comic-Con International , the largest gathering of comic book geeks in the world. And I was going to be in the middle of it all. If ever I was was ready with my camera this was it.

A view down 5th Street of the Convention Center.

The San Diego Convention Center.

We received our badges and were prepared to geek out (Brian had already started).

The superhero look.

And the fun begins.

My, what sharp teeth you have.

The blue chick from Return of the Jedi that pays the price for rejecting Jabba the Hutt.

I have no idea what this character is from but he is cool as hell.

We had the chance to be actual action figures.

Daniel Logan, the dude who plays little Boba Fett in Episode II (picture left, actor right).

Kenny Baker (aka R2D2) looking bored.

Hanging out next to an X-Wing fighter.

Xena, Warror Princess, roughing us up a bit.

Brian gets caught by Alien.

Boba Fett and an Imperial Snowtrooper.

A freaky M.C. Escher mall in San Diego where we ate pizza and ice cream.

This guy decided to "cling on" to us. (Old school Star Trek humor.)

The dude from The Beastmaster and V not looking so smooth.

Richard Hatch on the other hand still looks good years after Battlestar Gallactica and The Streets of San Francisco.

Where's Waldo?

Brian chats it up with Wheezy Joe from Intolerable Cruelty.

Captain Jack Sparrow and a couple of lovely wenches.

Brian experiences the fear and loathing of Comic-Con.

Don't panic! All these people are heading for the free Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy towel. I'm not sure what's worse: all these geeks making a mad dash for a piece of terrycloth or the fact that I'm in front of them making a mad dash for a piece of terrycloth.

One of the guys from Good Charlotte. Whatever.

Welcome to Geekville, population: these guys playing board games in the middle of the convention floor.

The real Imperial Emperor. The Sith have nothing on Darth Dubya.

I was one of the few people I knew that did not have a clown phobia: "was" is the operative word, of course.

Lou Ferrigno, the OG Incredible Hulk, lookin' good.

This about sums up the Republican Party's foreign policy.

Hangin' with Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Huh, huh, yeah, huh, huh, Wonder Woman's butt rules.

All we need now is a golden lasso and invisible plane.

The Lord of the Rings toy display.


Brian gets tooled while horsing around with a ring wraith.

Look at that strange creature with the hobbits. But enough about Brian...

Brian vs. Eric, Summer 2005.

(geek voice): "Excuse me, but I'm searching for The Amazing Spiderman #129 with the first appearance of The Punisher. It's original print date was February 1974. The writer was Gerry Conway and the artist was Ross Andru. My mom threw out my copy back in 1986 while I was at computer camp."

Comic-Con, the final frontier.

Ok, so we went to a midnight screening of the movie Saw and this doll totally freaked us out. Then, there it was, just sitting in that chair, as if it was waiting for us. Don't see this movie unless you want to be completely ruined.

Now that's Wolverine.

The only thing funnier than watching Darth Vader take pictures with the models... watching the Stormtroopers standing around drooling, waiting for their turn.

Or was it us standing around drooling, waiting for our turn?

A picture is worth a thousand dreams.

Taking a break back at the Sheraton.

We enjoyed the art of downtown San Diego. Nipples rule.

Sitting in the 8 p.m. screening line of Shaun of the Dead with our dinner. This was the funniest zombie movie ever.

The film's writers, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, answered questions after the screening. Simon (right) also starred as Shaun.

At the Shaun of the Dead screening we ran into Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko.

After Shaun of the Dead we met Giancarlo at some pub down the street. It was Giancarlo and his friend Tom Lynch that were responsible for our free badges for the Comic-Con.

Walking out of the Saw screening we stumbled into a 2 a.m. street brawl outside a club. Boys will be boys, especially when they're drunk.

OK, so we had a dark and deserted mile walk back to the hotel. As we passed this statue again Brian called me back for a look. I swear to god that the eyes were following us. Keep in mind that this picture was taken the next morning so it doesn't look the same. I didn't have time to snap one at night because we were too busy running like hell.

On the 2:30 a.m. elevator ride to our floor we noticed there was no 13th floor in this hotel. That means that the unsuspecting suckers on the 14th are really on the cursed 13th floor and would likely die that night. Sucks to be them.

Here we are going into... goddamnit!

I'll admit it, we were still scared from that freaky-ass Saw movie and the walk/run home. So Brian and I called a truce: no scaring each other until we leave the hotel the next morning.

Getting into the shower the next morning I spy something peculiar...

Fuckin' Brian. Now I have to shower with that damn movie in my head. Plus, I can't tell if he actually broke the truce.

During breakfast Brian, a notorious wuss when it comes to spicy food, decides to try the Red Rooster Louisiana Hot Sauce.

When I say "try" I use the term loosely.

There's the Brian we all know and love.

He's just a bill on Capitol Hill.

Giancarlo and his Airzooka after the screening of the pilot for the new Nickelodeon show he is working on, Avatar.

So I finally went to Hooters for the first time. Brian and I met Giancarlo and Tom there and we posed with our waitress. Good food, by the way.

In the middle of the meal all of the waitresses climbed up onto the bar and danced to "YMCA." What a bizarre place.

Giancarlo used to be an animator for King of the Hill and he once drew LuAnn's boobs for me. I asked him to draw me a picture of Ang, the main character from Avatar. He even added boobs for old time's sake.

Brian poses with the main character of his favorite comic book, Bone.

Tom and Giancarlo patiently waiting while...

...I get a picture with the Elvis Stormtrooper...

...and Brian gets one with Jeff Smith, the author of Bone.

Giant Robot.

Heading back to the hotel we ran into some guys filming a street skate video.

That evening we decided to partake in the hotel pool. Brian was slow on the snapping as I jumped in.

Heading out that night Brian is dressed to impress. Look out ladies, Shaft is on the loose.

We went to the Shout House, the place with dueling Pianos, then called it a night around 12:30.

Passing through Carlsbad we saw some places to eat breakfast off the freeway but had trouble locating them. First we ended up in a Hummer dealership.

I couldn't resist placing my 50 mpg Hybrid amid these gas-guzzling behemoths.

Then we made a wrong turn and ended up at the Legoland entrance. Wally World, here we come.

We passed the Museum of Music Making. I have no idea what the heck this is about.

We finally found something: Costco, baby!

That's right, home of the chicken bake. Now the challenge was to make it home before the chicken bake made its triumphant return.

Back on the road Brian tells me to slow down and let the car on my right pass me, then make my way to the other side. That's right, the passenger had a stump resting up on the window ledge. And yes, this made us stump circlers.

San Onofre is the greatest place ever.

Postscript: The title of the final Star Wars movie: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Can I get a "hell yeah!"