So Brian picked up tickets of a special showing of Chinatown at the Arclight.

Bill and Dwayne met up at Brian's. This picture serves two purposes: 1) Dwayne is so intimidatingly tall that Bill stood on the porch for the shot; and 2) Brian has a wide array of flags that he displays throughout the year. Exhibit A: his Summer flag.

We enjoyed a delectable dinner at the restaurant inside the Arclight. A word to the wise: Don't stare too long at this picture lest the smoldering eyes of Dwayne rob you of your soul.

Good Will Crockwell.

One of the great things about the Arclight is the assigned seating. You can show up, say, two minutes before the flick begins and there are no worries. Dwayne gets into the Chinatown spirit.

When we sat down we were all immediately drawn in by the gravity of the cartoon character breasts of the woman in front of us. Now I don't think of myself as some leering pervert who uses a photo-op of his friends to get a shot of some Olympian funbags...

...but c'mon.

After the movie I wanted ice cream but Dwayne had to work at 5 a.m. We dropped his pussy ass off at his car and the three of us went out on a dessert quest. Our first attempt, Coco's, was closed by this time.

We headed for Dave and Buster's at the mall...

...but found the kitchen was closed.

Then a funny thing happened: As Brian tried the (locked) doors of The Cheesecake Factory one of the wait staff who was hanging in the patio area having an after-work smoke informed us they were closed. Brian then turned on his charm and asked if there was at least one piece of cheesecake for sale. She introduced herself as April and offered to give Brian the slice of cheesecake that she was taking home.

I still wanted ice cream so we headed to our last chance for dessert at 1 a.m. on a Wednesday: BJ's.

What happened to Brian's immaculate cheesecake?

A whispered offer into the ear of Bill of two dollars if he shook it up happened. Enjoy the re-enactment.

Mixed up or not, it was still free cheesecake.

I had my pizookie (Bill's tongue was dessert after the dessert).

On the way home we stopped off at the new Dental Implant Institute on Las Tunas for something Brian and I each coincidentally planned individually weeks earlier. As we pulled into the dark parking lot Brian had the crap scared out of him by someone standing in the window. It turned out to be a suit of armor, but the damage was done.

Now for the reason we were here: There is a life-sized bronze horse in front of this place.

So you know what had to be done.

Yeah boyyyy!!!

So I wondered what kind of person would have a suit of armor and bronze horse in their place of business, so I googled the Dental Implant Institute. Allow me to introduce Dr. Chen, owner and proprietor.

Who knew that Rain's dad was a dentist.