So Brian discovered that the New Beverly was playing the old school version of Black Christmas... and that John Saxon, Olivia Hussey (yes, the hot Juliet), and director Bob Clark were going to speak to the audience.

Brian fills up for the trip.

We get there a bit early and hang out for a while.

Then we decide to find some food. Spicy Indian does not agree with Brian.

Brian throws down his best coyote move signaling his approval.

Feliz Navidad.

Hmmm, steak picado, burger or... ostrich tacos!!! Damn straight. And they were muy sabroso.

I had seen comedian Patton Oswald in line before the movie and I wanted to get a picture with him. Unfortunately I lost him in the crowd and never got the shot. Then later, as I was looking through my random shots of the crowd, I realized the muthafucka was sitting directly behind me the whole time.

After the movie we heard from Olivia Hussey, director Bob Clark...

...and John Saxon, who nearly had to regulate because...

This dude was so drunk that his friend had to tell him to reel it in before John Saxon showed him his Enter the Dragon moves.