So we were forced to endure another student-free day. As a teacher I would rather teach a day full of classes than sit around with the rest of the staff and endure the tiresome and tedious workshops. But as we each have our cross to bear; this is the life of an educator.

On this day we were given a 45 minute break to work on a group assignment in our classrooms so Brian, Mike and I headed back to mine. After sitting around for a few minutes I noticed a tennis ball in the corner left by one of my students and I was struck by divine inspiration: Butts-Up!

The game began tentatively, no one wanting to be the first to earn an ass bruise.

Then the mad scrambling began.

While Mike was a bit slow at one point and paid the price...

...Brian was the one to get the business end of the bull's horns.

After being there himself Mike knew what was coming.

I added the target to show where it was coming to. That's right, the fold of the right butt cheek.

Bull's eye, baby!

He won't be sitting for a while.

Lying down is another story.

Brian remembers why he hated dodge ball in elementary school.