So another "sick day" from work gives an opportunity to catch up on our movies. With Brian, Mike and me, the usual suspects were in. But this BNAT brought Wayne Busick out of the woodwork. In order to join us Wayne told his wife he was going to work, thus he would need to leave early in order to keep up appearances. Sadly Wayne was only going to the movies today while the rest of us were going to a butt-numb-a-thon. Off to Long Beach Edwards.

Note: The smaller images are short videoes. Just click on the image.

The Butt-Numb-A-Thon 15 poster.

Wayne is brought up to speed regarding Brian and Eric's Butt-Numb-A-Thon. Then...

...the race was on! Wayne and Brian made a bet on who would get to the theater first. The loser would pay up with a "strawberry cheescake" which, I soon discovered to my horror, consists of performing fellatio with a broken nose (in other words, a bloody blowjob). Yes, the stakes were high.

It took us until right around the 605/5 interchange to finally catch up to Wayne's white Toyota Tundra.

Stay on target. After 15 minutes of cell phone calls which consisted of me convincing Wayne that we were actually 4 or 5 exits behind our actual location he finally caught sight of us in his rearview mirror.

"Stay on target!"

"Curse you, Red Baron!"

Power to the carpool lane, biatch!

A close-up reveals Wayne frantically dialing.

Yet he looks so far behind.

Uh oh! Wayne make his move.

A close-up shows both his middle finger and pearly whites. Bonus points to Wayne.

Can you say "maniac"?

In the middle of Deathrace 2006, Brian suddenly looks nervously at his instrument gauges.

Crap! We aren't just on empty, but waaaayyy below the E! Fortunately Wayne is also in desperate need of fuel so he exits early, allowing us to ease our way to the theater just in time to see...

...Mike "Lou Ferrigno Eat Your Heart Out" Tellez.

Backpacks are ready to fill up with nourishment.

Wayne finally arrives. What's up, big guy.

The famous Galaxy Burger breakfast burritos make us happy.

Wayne needed to tend to Lil Wayne.

Me wearing my birthday gift from Mike. Seriously, because of my partial colorblindess, I can't read it.

Wayne's colorful greeting.

Brian fits in way too easily.

Do you notice a motif?

Mike hurries... case someone sees him using the little boy's urinal.

An expert multi-tasker, Mike chats it up on his cell while recycling his breakfast burrito in a gaseous form.

Does Brian look a bit tanner?

The final list for Buttnumbathon 15.

Eight movies and 15 hours later we still needed to get gas before the trek home.

I was taking a couple of pictures of my disbelief at the high fuel prices when...

...from a passing truck the loudest horn you could ever imagine shattered the early morning calm. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I thought that an 18-wheeler big rig had literally pulled up directly behind me and honked its horn. Mere words cannot express how fkn loud this earth-shaking sound was. It was, without a doubt, the loudest sound I have ever heard. Seriously.

Brian was scared so badly he somehow hit the gas pump and made it stop. What made it even funnier was the fact that three gallons of gas cost him 12 bucks.

To add insult to injury the cashier was laughing at how scared we got.

To make things even worse, all that work to get gas resulted in this. Brian would probably have to get gas again in another day or two.

And even worse? It was almost 2:00 a.m. and I was laughing at Brian's Easter bunny flag still up in May.