So Brian turned 40 on November 7th. This is defining moment in a man's life -- he can either continue to lead a life of adventure and excitement or start down the road of Alzheimer's. As his best friend I wanted to make sure he chose the former. What better place to ensure this than... wait for it... Vegas, baby!

So I invited some of Brian's closest friends and family, sending them a list of possible adventures starting Friday morning running through Sunday afternoon. It took me a while to pare down the schedule; some things overlapped, some were just too expensive, some I knew Brian would never agree to participate in, and some just didn't make the cut due to time constraints. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, the question wasn't ''What were we going to do?,'' the question was ''What weren't we going to do?'' The point was for Brian to have the time of his life while feeling just a bit uneasy not knowing what our next move would be. I think I succeeded. Bill helped with some of the planning, Chris ended up saving us some coin, Corey added his funny expressions, and Jeff ''brought the fury.'' Happy birthday, Brian.

I created this poster weeks before the trip to hype everyone up and to inspire me in the planning process.

"Day 1"
23 October 2009

"Day 2"
24 October 2009

"Day 3"
25 October 2009