So Brian and I were asked to chaperone the Rosemead High School Backwards Dance (aka Sadie Hawkins). Tradition dictates that couples wear matching outfits, and, if we are anything, it's traditional. Whether it is gorillas in 2002, superheroes in 2003, nerds in 2004, hooters girls in 2005, or Brokeback cowboys in 2006, we enjoy the moment. This year was no different as we decided to see what other kinds of shenanigans we could get into.

For this year's costume Brian needed to make a quick stop to accessorize.

Next stop, pee-stick.

To avoid the employees Brian used the self-checkout. It didn't stop three female workers from laughing a few yards away.

We went to my classroom to put in the hair extensions I borrowed from a student.

Thanks, Jocelynn.

Forshizz, up the spout (fingernails, and all).

Bleeker and Juno in the house.

For the record, I am disgusted my Brian's preggo belly, not Bobadilla. For the record.

Here is our actual dance picture.

Compare to the movie poster.