So Brian had three tickets to the SC game against Fresno State. Seeing as the Bulldogs were 9-1 and ranked 16th in the BCS poll it was touted as a dangerous night for the top-ranked Trojans. But then, Brian was giving the third ticket to Wayne "Say 'Swear to God'" Busick, so you know it was going to be a dangerous night for us.

I need to remind everyone that this is my third game in the last three seasons and USC has won the national championship in the last two. If they win their third consecutive this year I think it will be obvious who the lucky charm is. I mean, I'm just saying....

Having already procured his own ride to the game, Wayne called Brian and complained about the horrendous traffic, so we hit the bank for cash and headed out. Coliseum here we come!

We found parking about four blocks from the stadium, on the corner of Hill St. and 39th. Yes, it was free but does this fully explain the ecstatic grin on this guy's face?

...Especially considering we were going to have to walk back through this hours after nightfall later this night.

I gotta it to hand to the gangs in L.A. - they certainly don't want tourists to get lost, even making sure you always know what street you are on.

This is the parking lot we initially pulled into before we found our street parking. Check out the price just behind Snoop Dogg.

Yeah, you read that correctly... $70. To park. A car. For a few hours. That's American dollars, folks. Now you know the secret of Brian's earlier smile. Up next, Mona Lisa.

Brian kept calling this guy Simon LeBon and I think he overheard because he kept looking at Brian. Check out the dude's jacket, can you blame Brian? He didn't mean anything bad by it, but only "wild boys" or "girls on film" wear jackets like this. Oh well, I'll "save a prayer" for this "notorious" guy.

He's gonna have some pretty wicked helmet hair.

Two gladiators head into the Coliseum.

I not sure what's worse, the guy with the cowboy hat wearing boots with shorts and a Fresno State jersey or the guy with the cowboy hat made from a beer case wearing a Fresno State jersey. It all makes sense you know, considering the mayor of Fresno is Bubba from In the Heat of the Night. You can't make these things up.

Now for the Wayne story. Because Wayne warned Brian about the terrible traffic we left earlier than planned. As I rushed out of my house I forgot my cell phone. Wayne had given Brian the cell number of some guy with whom he was riding to the game and instructed Brian to call him when we arrived so he could get his ticket. Worse case scenario, Wayne said, just meet him in the RV parking lot. When we got there (with hardly any traffic at all, by the way -- thanks, Wayne) we messed around on campus for a while, looking for various friends and futilely attempting to crash the Cardinal and Gold BBQ, then began our search for Wayne. As you can guess, he was nowhere to be found. Because I didn't have my phone we couldn't call him (though I was entertained by his panicked voicemails when I finally checked my phone the next day). So we were left to wander the rather large, packed parking lot for well over an hour. Then it started getting dark and we began to wonder if we would find him at all.

We passed this guy a couple of times laughing at his sign before Brian finally asked him if we could use his cell phone to call our friend. Brian called the number Wayne gave him and no one answered so he left a voice mail. Some guy called back a few seconds later and told Brian he hadn't seen Wayne for a couple of hours. Welcome to Wayne's World. Asphinctersayswhat? We decided to make one more trip through the RV lot before heading into the stadium when, in the far corner, in the middle of a large group of beer-drinking SC fans, lo and behold...

...ladies and gentlemen, Wayne Busick. Look at that smile. Brian's face tells the story of what it's like being a friend in Wayne's World.

This picture tells what it's like being Wayne. Dude can throw a perfect spiral without spilling a drop of his brew. Some people are just born with it.

Wayne felt bad for the many miles Brian and I traveled during our search so he offered to buy us dinner. That's right, very large spicy polish sausages were on the menu at one of the kiosks in the Coliseum. They were footlongs with some serious girth as an exclamation point. While perusing the dogs on the grill Wayne says, "Look at the size of these things. These are Wayne Busick dogs." Suddenly we all realize that an attractive woman, standing in Wayne's blind spot, overheard him. Without missing a beat he turns to her and says, "Hi, I'm Wayne Busick" which elicited an impressed smile from her. Money. Like I said, some people are just born with it.

Wayne, also a talented artist, shows Brian what Edvard Munch's "The Scream" looks like.

A beautiful Southern California evening under the lights.

Scoreboard, baby! It turned out to be an exciting game with the Trojans pulling out a 50-42 victory. Reggie Bush had 513 all-purpose yards, second all-time in Division IA football, and all but won the Heisman Trophy this night. In case you're unsure who I'm talking about, it's...