So Terri and I decided to take the kids to Palm Springs for the weekend.

It was perfect weather for a couple days in the water.

Terri and Sonnet spent some time in the lazy river.

My lazy girls.

Coleridge busied himself in the water play area.

Look out!

Refreshment from above!

Then it was water slide time.

Life is awesome.

The Burgess girls.

Cabana and Connelly.

Pool time with the kids.

Coleridge enjoyed a tasty cabana snack.

I also enjoyed a tasty cabana snack.


Sonnet enjoyed some mommy time.


Hanging out in the room.

Bouncing on the bed.

Late in the afternoon a fire broke out in the nearby hills so we decided to head home to avoid the terrible air quality. But we got our fun in so it was no big deal.